Holiday Gift Guide 2014-2015: Top 10 Best TVs


Whether or not you've just bought an Android TV box, a Fire TV, a new PS4 or Xbox One and you're looking for a new TV to go with it, or it's just time to upgrade our list of Top 10 TVs this Holiday Season should have something for you and your family.

LG LB5900

lglb5900LG's LB5900 is a great-looking set that not only looks the part, but also has a great-quality display to go with it. Starting at $479 for the 47-inch version, this guy is also available in 50, 55 and 60-inch variants as well. A good quality set with 120Hz refresh rate, Full HD 1080p resolution and a whole host of inputs, this is a great TV to fill a large room and would be great for those looking to hook up games consoles and such to it.


LG Electronics 55LB5900 55-Inch 1080p 120Hz LED TV

VIZIO E600i-B3




VIZIO is a name known for their great value, and if you're looking for something on the larger side, you'll want to give VIZIO a closer look. This is the 60-inch version here, which retails for just shy of $800, but it is available in smaller sizes as well. It doesn't break the bank and it features everything else you could want from a TV including some smart features that allow you to tune in to content from the web as well as from the multitude of inputs on the back.

VIZIO E600i-B3 60-Inch 1080p LED Smart TV

Samsung UN55H6350




Samsung is a good name when it comes to TV sets and this 55-inch Smart TV is no exception. It's a sharp-looking unit as well as being powerful and crystal clear to boot. It could be a little cheaper, but to get a good quality set like this, digging deep is required. While there's nothing wrong with spending this sort of money on a TV set, there could be better deals out there. If you're happy with Samsung's stuff though, this Smart TV is a good option.

Samsung UN55H6350 55-Inch 1080p 120Hz Smart LED TV


Sharp LC-90LE657U 90-inch Aquos



Okay, so 55-inches and 70-inches just isn't large enough for you, we get it. Sharp has something that should interest you then, with the 90-inch Aquos LC-90LE657U. Lengthy model number aside, this is one large display and it comes with a pair of 3D glasses to take advantage of the 120Hz refresh rate and show off brilliant 3D to your eyes. If you're so over 3D though, don't worry, because it's a great TV all round, and for that sort of asking price, it wants to be.


Sharp LC-90LE657U 90-inch Aquos HD 1080p 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV

Sony W800B 50-inch 1080p TV




If you're a big Sony fan in general, this 50-inch TV is a decent size, has a nice table-top stand to it and it comes with 3D glasses as well. Overall though, this is all about picture quality and this is something that Sony does best. It has all the usual inputs and resolution boxes ticked, but with rich and vibrant colors this is one of the better options for those that reall care about what they're watching.

Sony KDL50W800B 50-Inch 1080p 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV

VIZIO P502ui-B1 50-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV




If you're looking to move into the next generation of TV without breaking the bank, then unsurprisingly, VIZIO is your best place to turn to. Amazingly, the company has managed to put together an Ultra HD 4K TV for less than a grand. That's not just a display either, there's apps here as well for watching content from all over the web here as well. A stunning price for a really good TV with one of the highest resolutions and sharpest image around, VIZIO have done it again.

VIZIO P702ui-B3 70-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED HDTV

Samsung 55-inch Curved 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Samsung Curved

Let's just say for a minute or two that you're not exactly short of cash and you've saved up for a long time to get the TV your family deserves this Christmas. Now let's say you like Samsung's stuff and you want something a little fancier this time around. This curved Ultra HD TV from Samsung looks the part, has an excellent display and it's curved. There's no better conversation starter, or better way to enjoy TV and movies without building a home theater. For more info, you can take a look at Samsung's website here.

Samsung UN55HU8700 Curved 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV

TCL 40FS4610R 40-Inch 1080p Smart TV



We know that while 4K TVs are great to dream about, they're not all that practical without much content available. The TCL Roku TV however, is a great option if you want a reasonably decent Full HD TV at the great price of $329. It's powered by Roku software, which is great if you're familiar with their Roku boxes and even if you aren't this means you can get your hands on some great content right out of the box. This is a decent TV that might not wow you or anything, but for this sort of money it's a great deal.

TCL 40FS4610R 40-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (Roku TV)

Sharp LC-32LE451U 32-inch Aquos



Cut from the same cloth as the Sharp TV featured further above, this 32-inch model is an excellent value choice. This guy retails for less than 200 at $179.99 and while it is only a 720p panel this is a great gift for a teen that has a gaming console and wants a bigger TV as well as good option for a second TV without spending too much on it. Resolution isn't everything and this Sharp TV has a good quality image so should get the job done nicely.

Sharp LC-32LE451U 32-inch Aquos HD 720p 60Hz LED TV

Samsung UN32H6350 32-Inch 1080p Smart TV



If you're looking for a smart TV that isn't massive and doesn't cost a huge amount of money, then Samsung is a great place to turn to. This guy will look good in a smaller room and it's still a decent size depending on how far away you're going to be from it. Regardless though, this comes with all the trimmings of a more expensive set, included internet features and a 120Hz refresh rate without the inflated price tag.

Samsung UN32H6350 32-Inch 1080p 120Hz Smart LED TV