Holiday Gift Guide 2014-2015: Top 10 Best Android Gaming Accessories


Nvidia Shield Wireless ControllerShield Wireless Controller

No gaming session on the Nvidia Shield Tablet can be truly complete without the Nvidia Shield Wireless Controller to go with it. Nvidia designed with precision gaming on Android in mind, and even included a headphone jack for audio and supported game chat.(for games that include it)It also features an integrated microphone for voice search and commands for truly controlling your Shield Tablet hands free, which is just what you need to stay in the game. It's compatible with the Shield Tablet of course, but it also supports the Shield Portable and GeForce equipped gaming PC's making this a versatile accessory for any hardcore gamer. You can grab these for $59.99 on Amazon.

SanDisk 64GB Ultra Class 10 MicroSD Card W/AdapterSanDisk 64GB microSD

Games can take a lot of space from the game file itself to the save files you have stored on your device. If you like to game hard, and game often, chances are you likely use up a lot of space for your Android games. As games become better and better and more advanced, they also take up more space. With the SanDisk 64GB microSD card you can be sure you always have enough space to support all your Android gaming habits, and it's class 10 so files transfer quickly if you need to move things around. You can grab them on Amazon for around $36.99.

Power A MOGA Pro Power GamepadMOGA-Pro-Power-AH-9

When you're looking for a gamepad to give you that true console feel of gaming on your Android smartphone or tablet, you can do much better than the MOGA Pro Power from Power A. It features a console quality gaming experience with a full console size controller, equipped with a smartphone mount, and an internal battery to charge your device while you play so you don't drain your battery. The Pro Power features dual joysticks, left and right trigger and bumper buttons, and of course the D-Pad and the A,B,X,Y four button setup. When you're done gaming, just unclip your device and close the mount clip for easy storage. You can grab the MOGA Pro Power on Amazon for about $61.99.


SteelSeries Siberia Elite PrismSteelSeries Siberia Elite Prism

Fully immersive games beg for high quality audio, and that's exactly what you'll get with the SteelSeries Siberia Elite Prism. These a re newly revamped and improved version of the SteelSeries Siberia Elite from last year which we actually reviewed and found to be unparalleled. We'll also be reviewing the Prism model in the coming weeks, so look out for that if this is on your gift radar. The SteelSeries Siberia Elite Prism have complete compatibility with Android smartphones and tablets thanks to the included 3.5mm adapter piece. They're over the ear with memory foam cushioned earcups so they stay comfortable for long periods of time. They also have a self-adjusting suspension design so they stay put. The headphones are noise isolating, and they even come with a separate 3.5mm in-port so someone else can plug in and listen to everything you're listening to during your gaming session, allowing for a nice sharing experience. You can grab the SteelSeries Siberia Elite Prism on Amazon for around $170 in either Black or White.

Amazon Fire Game ControllerAmazon Fire Tv 7

The game controller companion to the Amazon Fire TV box. It's a must have if you plan on playing some games on the Amazon Fire TV during the holidays, and you'll want one too for some of the awesome games that have been coming out of Amazon Game Studios like SevZero. The controller has your standard button setup, with a D-Pad, dual joysticks, left and right, trigger and bumper buttons, and the A,B,X,Y setup. It also has conveniently placed media control settings, as well as a home, back and menu button. You can grab the Amazon Fire Game Controller for just $39.99 from Amazon.

SteelSeries Free Mobile Bluetooth GamepadSteelSeries Free

having at least one Bluetooth gamepad for play with you Android games feels almost essential, having one or two extra is never a bad thing though. The SteelSeries Free mobile Bluetooth gamepad is great because of its pocket friendly size and superior quality feel compared to many other alternatives out there. You can remap all 12 buttons via the SteelSeries engine to get things just the way you want them, it features a rechargable battery with an estimated 10 hours of play time, and when it dies you can simply plug it in via the microUSB port on the bottom. There's even an auto power save feature that will automatically turn off the controller after 3 minutes of inactivity to ensure you don't lose battery power too quickly. You can grab the SteelSeries Free gamepad on Amazon for $52.56.


Nvidia Shield Carrying CaseNvidia Shield Carrying Case

The Nvidia Shield is a great piece of handheld Android gaming hardware, and the Shield Carrying Case can help you protect it where you take it as well as provide a nice little place to store it during travel or commutes. There's even extra storage for a USB cable should you want to be prepared for a charge.  It's custom mold shell design ensures a perfect fit for your Nvidia Shield, and it comes with a zipper enclosure with a wrist strap to make it easier to carry. You can pick up the Nvidia Shield Carrying Case on Amazon for $52.99.

 Impulse Universal Bluetoh Mobile Game ControllerImpulse Controller

This is the tiniest Bluetooth game pad for your smartphone and tablet you ever did see. It fits into just about any pocket, and has a D-Pad and your four activity buttons, as well as a notch to hang off your keys as a keychain. It can be used to find your keys if you lose them thanks to the companion app, and it can even act as a remote selfie snapper. just in case you want to take some pictures while you're gaming. You can grab the Impulse controller on Amazon for $39.99.

Phonejoy Bluetooth Game ControllerIMG_20140401_120600-e1397158177515

The Phonejoy Bluetooth game controller is definitely one of the better gamepads out there for Android gaming with a console controller feel. It's compact, yet when extended to house the phone in the middle it feels more like the size of a regular controller, or similar to the feel of a PS Vita handheld. It has a full range of buttons including the D-Pad, left and right trigger and bumper buttons, dual joysticks, and the A,B,X,Y setup. There is also your power on/off switch and start/select buttons. It has an estimated 8 hours of battery life on a single charge, and once it dies you can plug it in for a recharge via the microUSB port on top. You can grab the Phonejoy Bluetooth Game Controller on Amazon for $79.99 so you can always be prepared to game.


Nvidia Shield Tablet CoverNvidia Shield Tablet Cover

The Nvidia Shield Tablet Cover is a great little accessory to what might be the best gaming tablet out on the market right now. The case does help protect the screen from scratches and scuffs, which is a nice bonus, but more importantly it can allow you to the prop the tablet up at a perfect angle for gaming so you can kick back with your Nvidia Shield Wireless Controller and play games with a traditional controller setup. It has handy wake on open and sleep on close features for the tablet thanks to the magnet inside too, so when you're done gaming you can simply flip the cover back over and put your tablet to bed. You can grab the Nvidia Shield Tablet Cover on Amazon for $39.99.