Holiday Gift Guide 2014-2015: Top 10 Best Android Fitness Bands


If you know someone that's been looking to get into shape, get back into a routine or just someone who you want to fo running with, one of the below fitness bands/trackers should help. We've tried to hit a number of different price points as well as different use cases, so there should be a little something for everyone here.

Fitbit Charge

FitBit Charge



The sequel to one of the most successful activity trackers out there, the Fitbit Charge aims to deliver on promises that the original Fitbit Flex and Force just couldn't It's more accurate, it tracks more activities and it can be used as more than just a fitness tracker. It can show you the time, your daily stats, as well as some notifications on the OLED display. For those looking for something really geared to getting into shape, the Charge is one of the better options out there and while it's not cheap, we wouldn't call it expensive either.

Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Wristband, Black, Large


Misfit Shine



The Misfit Shine has to be one of the most elegant trackers out there. Not only is it available in a whole range of different colors, but it can be mounted in far more than boring silicon, including necklaces and more. Able to track your sleep as well as your movements, the Misfit Shine does much of what you'd expect it to and the barrier for entry here is quite a bit lower than its competitors. It's certainly a different route to take than the others here, but it's great for those looking for a less "sporty" place to start.


Misfit Shine – Activity and Sleep Monitor

Sony Smartband SWR10

Sony Smartband AH-10

Something of a more casual way to track your movements, the Sony Smartband is designed to be worn 24/7 and tracks your steps, when you've been running and logs your sleep. Through the Lifelog app, the Smartband tracks everything you do and can be an excellent point of reference for how well you've been sleeping and how active you've been in recent weeks and months. While not the most sophisticated out there, this is my personal favorite and it features a five-day battery life and the bands are easily replaceable and available in a wide range of colors. You can read our review here.


Sony Smartband SWR10 – Black

Samsung Gear Fit




Another very Android-focused tracker is Samsung's Gear Fit, launched earlier this year. Built with a curved AMOLED display that's really vibrant and bright, the Gear Fit is perhaps the best option for giving you feedback while on the move and it'll also double as a smartwatch if you'd like. It does however, only work with Samsung smartphones, which is a big shame in our book. Still, if you know someone with a Galaxy S III or above, then you'll be able to use the Gear Fit without any issues. For more, take a look at our review here.

Samsung Gear Fit Fitness Tracker and Smartwatch for Samsung Devices (US Warranty) – Black

Jawbone UP24

UP24 by Jawbone Wristband App Track how you sleep move and eatdd


While that's an iPhone in the picture, you needn't worry as the Jawbone UP24 works great with Android as well. One of the more recgonizable fitness trackers out there, the Jawbone UP24 is essentially a Bluetooth version of the popular original Jawbone UP, and it's more accurate, particularly quite good for tracking your sleep and it's a really slim, and neat package overall. It's perhaps not the absolute best if you're looking for something to track hardcore fitness, but for everyday life this is a decent way of encouraging you to stay active.

UP 24 by Jawbone – Bluetooth Enabled – Medium – Retail Packaging – Persimmon

Fitbit Zip




If you're not looking to spend a huge amount of money, then Fitbit's Zip is the gift to give, it's under $50 and does most of the want those getting started will need. It's designed to be clipped to a pocket or something similar, rather than attached to a wrist and is only really good for distance and steps, but for those getting starting jogging or going on long walks, this is a great deal for less than fifty bucks. It does feature wireless syncing with Android as well, and it's a pretty cute little package overall.

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker, Charcoal

Withings Pulse O2

withings pulse


A more comprehensive option, the Pulse O2 from health brand Withings can track your heart rate, your blood oxygen level as well as all your activities, too. You can either wear it on your wrist or clip it your clothes and while it sure isn't the best-looking out there, the display is spacious and readable, and there's even a real-time coach app available for your Android smartphone. Costing a little more than a hundred dollars, this is a great gift for those that are serious about spending time at the gym or running miles at a time, and for those that crave accuracy this is a very good choice.

Withings Pulse O2 Activity, Sleep, and Heart Rate + SPO2 Tracker for iOS and Android, Black

Garmin Vivofit



If you know someone that's terrible at charging their technology yet want a fitness tracker, then the Garmin Vivofit is perfect. It's got some very accurate tracking indeed, and the display can show the time as well as steps, calories burned and a motivation to get up and move after a certain amount of time being inactive. Right away, the Vivofit sounds perfect for someone that works in an office of sorts. It doesn't need recharging every year, let alone every week and should last for 12 months plus without needing to have the battery replaced. It's water resistant and can be worn 24/7 as well.

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band – Blue

Jawbone UPMove



Much like the Fitbit Zip, the UPMove from Jawbone is designed to be affordable and accessible to those new to the tracker business. It's a clip-on affair and it's really quite fashionable for a tracker like this. It's not going to be the best out there for hardcore fitness nuts, but it is a good starter option and it ticks most of the right boxes to get people started right away.

JAWBONE Up Move Activity Tracker for Smartphones – Retail Packaging – Ruby Rose

Sony Smartband Talk



An evolution of the Sony Smartband SWR10, the Talk adds in an elevation sensor for changes of height, dedicated GPS and the ability to show your progress as well as take phone calls thanks to a speaker and microphone. Perfect for those always on the move or those that disappear into the outdoors for a long time, the Smartband Talk works great with the Lifelog application and will give you an overall look at how active you've been as of late. Plus, it's pretty cool to be able to take a phone call on your wrist.

Sony Mobile Waterproof IP68 Sony® SmartBand Talk SWR30 (Black)

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