The Hidely App Has Finally Landed On Android For Discreet And Secure Photo Sharing

Hidely, a private photo sharing app that was previously only available on iOS is now, starting today, available on Android as well. This app allows users to discretely share existing photos and new photos taken with Hidely's "zero chase" camera within the app. All of the photos shared via the app are also completely encrypted and invisible in the regular gallery app just like its iOS counterpart. And don't worry, photos received via the Hidely app will also stay out of any auto-backup cloud storage you may have set up on your device.

So how exactly does the Hidely app work? From within the Hidely app you can send photos to whomever you want through email or SMS. What the other person will receive is a link that will let them privately view the photo once they have created a Hidely account as well. Said link will expire after it is viewed once or after 24 hours, whichever one happens first. And again, all photos sent through Hidely are double encrypted using Hidely's own double encryption technology keeping absolutely everyone from viewing your private photos.

Some of the key features of Hidely are "Passcode Photo Lock Screen" which causes users to have to input a passcode in order to view photos. Also, the ability to import and save photos into Hidely. Any photos stored within Hidely will be hidden behind a passcode making them completely private. This app is perfect for keeping those intimate photos between you and your family or friends safe from prying eyes and every service that auto-uploads your photos to cloud storage. The Hidely app is available on Android starting today for anybody to download. If you want to give the app a try to hide those private photos then you can do so by clicking the source link below. The link will direct you to the Google Play Store where you can then download the Hidely app for free. Hidely is a great app for keeping your private photos actually private, if that's what your looking for then you should definitely give this app a try.

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