Here's What Each U.S. State Googled The Most This Year

Google is a know it all. No, really. That isn't meant to be a negative statement. Google really does know pretty much everything, and we as internet users know this. That's why we ask Google tons of questions and search for tons of things every single day. While it is interesting to learn about the kinds of stuff we search for ourselves, it's also somewhat interesting to learn what others have searched about too, and thanks to this list compiled by Estately,(pulled from Google Trends data)we can see what each state in the U.S. searched for the most. Where does your state fall? Did Wisconsin search cheese more than any other topic?(OK, I know that's a little stereotypical, stay with me here)Is Pennsylvania Google obsessed when it comes to searching for the perfect Cheese steak sandwich? Take a look at the map below and you can see a spread of which states searched what more than anything else.

What's interesting and the first thing that might catch your eye, is that while every other state had something to search for, Kansas, apparently had nothing to Google, or had nothing that they cared to Google about. Meanwhile, my home state of Oregon was apparently content to Google the topic of Ukraine more than anything else. Does that we mean we have a bigger interest in things happening outside our own country?

Perhaps not surprisingly, Colorado seemed to have a Google fixation on Marijuana, which we suppose makes sense given that it was legalized there for recreational use earlier this year. Texas seems to be worried about Ebola, and it's neighboring state to the west, New Mexico, has an interest in Googling Zombies and the LG G3 more than anything else. Where does Utah fall in this grouping of searched trends? It seems people in that state Googled Nude pictures of Emma Watson more than anything else, among topics like Frozen, The Hunger Games Mockinjay Pt. 1 and same sex marriages. Each state of course Googled more than just one topic, obviously, with some Googling a few topics quite often. Take a look at the full list compiled by Estately at the source link, or just glance at the map for the most searched topic. It's actually pretty interesting to see.

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