Hangouts App Is Updated And Finally Now Can Be Used As A Default Dialer


Hangouts looks to be receiving a decent update today and it looks like there are some sweet features included. Not all of these will be obvious good (or new) features but that said, they still will be worthwhile, once you know what they are doing. For instance, before this update Hangouts had a weird feature that meant it was not recognised by a device as a dialer. Presumably, this was due to Hangouts being first and foremost recognised as a messaging app. However, with Hangouts becoming better and better on a routine basis, it seems many users are no longer simply using this as just a messaging app.

If you are one of these people, then this part of the update will be welcomed. For everyone else, this might not sound like a massive issue (and it probably is not in the grand scale of things). That said, whether you tried to make a call from within another app (Yelp for instance) and wanted to use Hangouts as your default dialer, then you couldn't. Instead, the app would automatically boot up your stock dialer offering no choice. Today's update fixes this rather obvious issue and as such now Hangouts can be set as your default dialer.


If you have already seen the update hit your device then you are good to go. Now when you click on an in-app phone number (or number within a text and so on) then you will be promoted with the now typical "Complete action using" dialog and the option to use Hangouts. As always, if you are now a die-hard and all-in Hangouts user then the 'complete action using' option will also offer you the choice to hit 'use as default'. This of course, will allow you to use your Hangout permanently as the default dialer and messenger app. If you haven't updated your Hangouts yet (or are new to the service in general) then the updated version is now available via the Play Store. Are you currently an all-in Hangouts user? Glad to hear that the service can now be sued as your default dialer? Let us know your thoughts.

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