Google's New Year Doodle Features Some Of The Highlights Of 2014


Well folks, it looks like 2014 is good and done. OK, depending on where you live you might still have a few hours left of the year to get through. But either way, the year is pretty much done now with only the formalities left. News has all been broken and we are now pretty much all looking forward to what 2015 has to offer and will bring. That said, Google are offering a little look back over the past year, for those that want to reminisce. Although, before you get too critical, this is not really a detailed look back, but instead a tribute to the year in a really short animated form.

Yep, today's Google doodle (you know the Google logo thing on the Google homepage) is a visual tribute to the year. Now in fairness, it is pretty hard to effectively explain everything that has happened this year in such a quick animated doodle. That said, the more you look, the more you can see is included and it is actually pretty clever. For instance, the doodle includes a reference to one of the big summer phenomenons which was more commonly known as the 'ALS Ice Bucket Challenge'. Not to mention there is also a quick reference to Flappy Birds. There is also a quick tribute to the comet landing which happened quite recently. Not to mention a quick reminder that the World Cup also took place this year. So although, it is short and sweet it does include a few of those big events that happened in 2014. If you want a bit more reminiscing then right under the Google doodle today, Google have linked to a neat video review of all the big search terms we were all looking for this year. This one includes some of the most happy and sad moments of the year and so a good way to close out the year.

That said, if you fancy a bit more of a humorous look back at 2014 then you should also check out (if you haven't already) YouTube's roundup of 2014 in their highly entertaining YouTube Rewind video. This is a real good look at what the big trends were online throughout the year. Again the Ice Bucket pops up but along with many more you won't get from a short Google doodle.




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