Google's My Maps Is Now Accessible Directly From Within Google Drive


Google maps is a clever little tool. Most android users will be well aware of how useful the more basic and predictable features of Maps like GPS and turn by turn directions are. However, Maps does offer some additional features too. For instance, there is the offshoot of Maps, My Maps which allows users to literally create their own custom maps. This means the more adventurous android users out there, can literally plan their road trip or this weekend's hike and trail walk with ease. However, as is the way of Google, it now seems My Maps has become that little bit more interesting and integrated into the Google ecosystem.

Google has today announced that My Maps is now directly accessible from Google Drive. So now, you can open and create your own custom map right from within in Drive. To do it is rather simple and as easy as creating a new document. Hit 'New' at the top right of the screen and then scroll down to 'More'. At this point, in the submenu you will see the new 'Google My Maps' link as shown in the image above. Click and you can begin. See, easy! To add to this, Google also announced that over the next week the full changes will roll out and all custom maps that you have created will also be accessible directly from Drive. This should help to speed up the time it takes for you to find that elusive map you created when you need it.


It is also worth noting that Google adding to the announcement by advising that the quality of the maps you can create has also been greatly improved. As a result, you are now able to include more layers and more points of interest to your maps. These updates should help to pad those maps out with better quality detail and make them more visually and functionally better. If the changes have not already taken effect in your Drive then keep an eye out, as they should land over the next few days. If you want more information then you can click here to head over to My Maps. Alternatively, it is worth remembering there is also an android app to take your custom maps, mobile.

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