Google's Company Changes Reportedly Causing Some In-House Discouragement Among Googlers

Google has for quite some time been at the forefront of the search game. Ever since their popular search engine hit the web years ago they had steadily been climbing the ranks as the most used service, and although today they still are likely to be more commonly used than other services today, 2014 has seen some big changes within the company and it has had some affect on the way things have gone and the direction they could look to take things going forward. Things are already taking new direction as Larry Page earlier this year announced Sundar Pichai would be taking over six new roles at the company which Page himself previously oversaw, a move set out by Page so that he could take a step back and see the "bigger picture" and work towards more innovation within Google and with the products and services that it offers.

Much of the change within the company so far seems to have been revolving around high level executives leaving the company to pursue other goals or positions at different companies, and Business Insider reports that some of those internal changes have led to some slightly discouraged morale from googlers. If there were any discouragement, it wouldn't help that Google's search advertising has been getting less use on mobile devices as of late compared to before, which makes sense as mobile device use for web connection is still growing, especially with all the pushes from carriers on newer and better data plan packages and deals on smartphones that can always keep us connected to the ones and things we love.

Google's Q3 earnings report back in October of 2014 displayed they had their lowest revenue growth since 2009, causing industry analysts to begin questioning Google's revenue growth. Business Insider also points out that more people are going directly to the source for purchasing things they would normally search for on Google,(using Amazon as the example)and with less people searching for the things they want to buy using Google search, that means less personalized ads target at the things they may be looking to buy which ultimately would mean less revenue for their search advertising business. There is also cited increased competition from Facebook, who is said to be planning a rollout of their own video advertising like services to Facebook feeds which would be competing against YouTube for video ad revenues. Despite their lowest ever revenue growth in years though, Google is usually a crafty one and they have their hands in just about everything these days, so we wouldn't be too worried about where Google is headed.

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