Google's Cardboard Gets Update For Users, Developers And Makers


It looks like it is becoming a busy day for Google. This morning they have already announced an update for Android Wear and especially for Android Wear Faces, with the release of the official Android Wear Watch Face API. However, they are not stopping there. Another relatively new google product is getting an update today too. Although, unlike the smartwatches needed for Android Wear, the device needed for this one is much cheaper, Google's Cardboard.

Yes, Cardboard is getting a makeover…so to speak. Included in the update, Google have announced the introduction of a somewhat 'best of' page for cardboard apps. Google notes that since the release of Cardboard, the number of apps has increased quite steadily and the current collection page lists some of the Search giant's favourite cardboard apps. You can see the collection page and what is on offer by clicking here. To add to this, Google also announced they have released a new Cardboard app which helps to give a demo of what is on offer and maybe inspire a few of you to make your own cardboard app.┬áSpeaking of developers, it was not only users who saw an update today. In the announcement, Google noted that they know VR applications can prove tricky and end up causing a few side effects, that might be time-consuming to iron out. As a result, they have now launched a Cardboard SDK for both Android and Unity developers. Lastly, if you are a Cardboard maker (personal or manufacturer), then Google have also released updated building specs as well as suggestions for specific cutting tools. Google also announced that they would be soon adding a calibration tool to the Android SDK.


More generally, you might also like to know that Google announced they had so far shipped over 500,000 Cardboard units, which is both surprising and impressive. These figures are starting to suggest that Cardboard certainly is a market all on to itself. Which neatly takes us to the last point Google brought up. If you are interesting in VR, then Google are currently hiring in this field. You can check out the announcement in full including all relative links for users, developers and makers by clicking the source link below. Anyone using Cardboard at the moment? How is it?

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