Google Wallet Is Giving Out $5 Gifts From Select Vendors To Users, Are You One?

Hey Google Wallet users, your favorite search giant has a gift for you! Several Android users have been reporting that when they have opened their Google wallet app, they had a $5 gift card waiting for them to claim. As of right now, we have no actual reason for why Google is passing out these gifts, all we can think of is that their handing them out for "being a loyal user." Whether thats the case or not, the vendors that Google has been surprising people with $5 gift cards are from various places. Included on the list of vendors are Regal Cinemas, AMC Theaters, Staples, Whole Foods, and our old favorite place when we were kids, Toys R Us.

Theres a bit of an overlap here due to another promotion that Google is running that gives you a $5 promotional gift card when you buy a gift to Regal Cinemas, Sephora, Staples, Toys "R" Us, and Whole Foods. According to Android Police, this $5 gift that many wallet users are receiving could be a glitch with the promotion. Apparently people that don't use wallet at all or others that haven't shopped at the selected stores are receiving these gifts. An example of this; one redditor received a $5 gift card of which he claimed to AMC Theaters which is located 2 hours away. As confusing as everything sounds, lets just settle on the idea that Google is just in the holiday spirit and wants to give us money to spend during the holidays.

If you're curious on whether you, "Have a treat on Google!", download the Google Wallet app, or if you are an avid user, open it up and check to see if you're a lucky winner! I checked mine and surprisingly I got a $5 gift card from Whole Foods. Thinking back, I was actually there just last week buying tea so I could have fallen under the promotion that Google has going on. I have screen shots below for you to check out. In the meantime, head on over to the app and check for a gift. If you received one, let us know what you got and if its a different place from what we have listed.


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