Google Wallet 8.0 Has Rolled Out With A Few Improvements

AH Google Wallet Mobile Payments 1.0

Google has updated their Google Wallet app to version 8.0 and with it comes a few little nice improvements. The main and most noticeable change is located in the slide-out menu, the unification of loyalty programs and gift cards into a single link as opposed to two. Besides this there are a couple of visual changes that make the app appear much more polished and clean, much-welcomed changes.

The updated Google Wallet app kicked off with a Google+ post by the Google Wallet team announcing it by saying the following, "The latest version of Google Wallet for Android makes it easier to manage your gift cards and loyalty programs in one, centralized location." Besides the visual changes, that about sums up this update. The "Gift cards" and "Loyalty programs" links in the slide-out menu have been joined together into one new link, "Loyalties and gift cards." Also, the Offers link in the slide-out menu appears to have also become part of the "Loyalties and gift cards" section as well.

As for the visual changes, the navigation bar will now match the color of the slide-out menu when it is opened as opposed to it staying the same color as the app which looked a little off. Take note that this is only something included if your device is running 5.0 Lollipop. This slight visual change matches the Material Design guidelines much more closely than before.


If you use Google Wallet then you will probably know how the app gives you a notification if you enter a store with a current noteworthy deal. The only downside to this notification is that it was extremely simple and offered virtually no information about the deal without opening the Google Wallet app. That's now changed, users will now receive a rich notification that allows them to not only see more information about the deal at hand, but also cycle between them if there are multiple.

Google Wallet version 8.0 began its rollout yesterday as part of Google update Wednesday and will rollout to users over the next couple of days. If you have already received said update then be sure to let us know what you think of it and its new rich notifications in the comments section below.