Google Unveils 'Best Games Of 2014' List With 102 Titles Included


It's that time of year again. December is upon us and as such the wrap-ups of the year are beginning. We have been doing a few of our own wrap-ups and you can expect a few more over the next few weeks. It has been a fun 2014 with lots of ups, downs and in-betweens and so lots to comment on this year. We are not the only ones though. A few days back Google had commenced their own top 2014 lists, with their 'Best of 2014' apps rundown. There were a few gooduns on the list although a lot of readers probably disagreed with most of them. Well, it looks like you have another chance to debate with Google on the best of 2014 as they have this morning released their next rundown list.

The latest 'best of' from Google is in respect of games. So this one will be interesting to hear your feedback on. The Best of 2014 Games list by Google consists of 102 titles and there are a number of familiar ones on offer. Obviously, 102 games is far too many to get through here, so to give you a taster, the list includes the likes of Monument Valley, Leo's Fortune, Machinarium, Fifa 15 and Hitman GO. Maybe surprisingly, the list mainly seems to consist of free games which might be a sign of the times. These free games are largely IAP based games and as such shows the trends of the big companies and big games to edge towards more freemium based content. Either way, you should take the time to check out the list for yourself. Besides, the debating factor of these lists, they also sometimes can bring to your attention good games you might have missed first-time round. Which can never be a bad thing.


If you do want to check out the list and the full 102 titles then click here to head over  to Google Play directly. After you have done that, make sure to leave a comment telling us what you think of the list and more importantly, what you think is the best game(s) of this year so far. My personal favorite was Five Nights at Freddy's. Big fan of the scare games. Quite liked a few of the Big Fish and Alawar Games this year too. Also, make sure to stay tuned to our Justin's game feed as he will no doubt be bringing you a few 'best of' lists of his own. So what do you reckon? Best game of 2014? Let the debating begin!

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