Google Turns On "Works With Nest" Feature To Let You Control The Nest Thermostat By Voice

Back on December 12th we reported that the Google app would soon be gaining the new ability to voice control the temperature of your Nest Learning Thermostat. It looks like that time is now as users are reporting that the feature has been turned on and is now live for anyone with a Nest thermostat unit. This adds to the already extensive list of things we can do by simply saying "OK Google" to our smartphones, although the Google app not only has the ability to change your home's temperature with just your voice, but now also enables your phones location services to alert your connected Nest to "get ready" for your return home so you can be greeted with the appropriate temperature.

There are multiple different commands you can issue to your connected Nest thermostat, although they all essentially provide you with the same result, changing the temperature to your desired state, short of the command where you ask Google to actually turn on the Nest unit. Last week when we brought this to your attention, users reporting that they had noticed the Google app was attempting to process the command were met with a failed message because the feature hadn't yet been made live by Google, but now it's easier than ever to set the right temperature for any occasion without having to do anything other than speak to your device.

Of course, controlling your Nest prior to this feature was already somewhat convenient and easy as you could still control things through any number of smart connected home hubs and paired companion apps, but this takes things to a whole new level of simplicity and makes things virtually hands free. Since this feature is live through the use of the Google app, appropriate Google Now cards will pop up during instances when the temperature is being changed, or when the app senses that you're on your way home. If you want to set this feature up, much like when you may have opted into Google Now upon setting up your brand new Android device, you can head over to the "works with nest" webpage and opt into both the voice commands feature and the Google Now card for Nest connection. Is there anyone out there with a Nest thermostat that will be trying this out later today?

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