Google Rumored To Be Planning To Have Android Hardwired Directly Into Cars


Back at Google's I/O event this year, we were introduced to many new Android platforms. Namely, Android Wear, Android One and Android Auto. The last of these platforms, Android Auto is extremely interesting to both consumers and Google. In particular, Google sees this platform as a real viable option for growth in the future. This is because consumers spend a regular part of their day in the car. This is constant which occurs day-in and day-out. Not to mention, the Search Giant will have a number of new data acquisition tools with cars, providing details on where consumers stop, how long they stop for, how much gas they purchase and where from. The list goes on.

As such, it is not too difficult to understand that Android Auto is a big deal to Google. However, the reports emerging now is that Android Auto is just the start of what Google has planned for consumer's cars. The problem with Android Auto is that it needs an android smartphone to connect and effectively drive the system. However, unnamed sources have told Reuters (source link below) that the end goal for Google is to bring Android Auto as a direct feature to cars. To be clear, according to the sources Google wants to have Android Auto built into cars in the future. Again, according to the Reuters, this is intended to be part of the next generation of Android, dubbed 'Android M'. As such, android services will be available within cars without the need for a separate internet connection or android device. As you would expect, such software would also allow direct control of navigation as well as entertainment features. This would mean everyone would be using the android platform in their car and irrespective of whether they actually own an android device or not.


In terms of when this might happen, well, as this has not been officially confirmed, no one can know for sure. Although the same sources suggest that it could be as early as a year from now. However, before this happen it does seem there might be issues in bringing a built-in android to the market. Analysts in the Reuters report suggest auto companies might be not so keen to have android services hardwired into their vehicles, for both practical and safety reasons. Not to mention android will need to be improved for instant powering on when the ignition is switched and not the delay we currently experience. So what do you think? Would you like to see android hardwired into vehicles or do you think Android Auto as it currently is (connected to android device needed) is a more suitable option? Let us know.

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