Google Pushes “Device Assist” App into the Play Store for Android One, GPE and Nexus Devices

December 3, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

We’ve seen Motorola and Amazon put out some interesting Support apps lately. Amazon’s Mayday is actually really cool as you get tech support right there on your tablet or phone. But with Motorola and Moto Care you get an app that has a ton of tutorials, as well as a way to contact Motorola if you need more assistance. For a while, Google has had issues with support and it looks like they are going to be fixing that, or at least attempting too.

Today, Google posted a new app into the Play Store. It’s called Device Assist. And it’s available for all the Nexus devices running Lollipop, as well as Google Play Edition’s running Lollipop and Android One devices running Lollipop. Basically it’s a full fledged support app. It has a section for detected issues, so you can see what’s going on with your phone and fix it, if need be. There’s also a tips section that gives you tips to get the most out of your device, and to save battery life. Which is always great. Although most of us Android fans probably already know all this stuff. But it’ll be great for those newer Android users out there.

This app will also send diagnostics to Google, which I’m sure you can turn off if you get paranoid about that kind of stuff. It’s available in the Play Store now for those with a Nexus, Google Play Edition or Android One device running on Lollipop. And yes, it is material design, as you’d expect from a new Google app for Lollipop devices.

It’s great to see Google getting support done right on these devices, because that is one of their struggling areas right now. So if you’ve got an Android One, Nexus or GPE device with Lollipop on board, let us know how you are liking this app in the comments below.