Google Play Games Updated To Version 2.2 With New First-Time Experience


It's definitely update Wednesday and Google is pushing out quite a few updates to their apps, one of which is Google Play Games. The update Google is pushing to Play Games is a small point update to version 2.2 from version 2.1 and there doesn't seem to be a whole lot changed but there is some noticeable refinement that has taken place in the app. Let's go ahead and dive right into the changes.

Everything new in the Play Games app seems to be located in the slide-out menu to the left of the app. The first change that you'll probably notice when you open the slide-out menu is that the header background image size has been substantially increased from its previous size. Next, those of you who only use a single Google account will take notice of a new arrow next to your email address in the slide-out menu. Tapping this arrow will bring up the options to either quickly add an account or manage your accounts. If you are already signed into multiple accounts in the Play Games app, tapping the menu will also allow you to easily switch between accounts. Above all else, the slide-out menu just looks more in-line with the rest of Google's apps which is always nice.

One of the new changes included in the update to Play Games that is not located in the apps slide-out menu, an improved "first-time" experience. Get your head out of the gutter folks, we are talking about the first time you open the app, now users who do will be greeted with a nice little introduction that helps explain the apps purpose and what users can do with it. Again, this is only for first time users so if you are already signed into the app you will not be greeted with this introduction. The last changes that are included in the update can be found on the game detail pages. Here you will notice two new buttons, the "View in Play Store" button has been changed to an icon that reads "Store" beneath it and there is a new share button to the right of that. Both of these are very welcome changes that make the game details page appear more organized and well put together than it did before.


If you install the update to Google Play Games and see something new that we didn't quite catch then be sure to drop us a comment and let us know. We would love to hear what you guys are able to find. Also, you can download the APK for Google Play Games version 2.2 by clicking here.


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