Google Nexus 9 LTE Factory Images For LRX22C Build Now Live And Ready For Flashing

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The LTE model of the Google Nexus 9 has finally been made available to purchase, coming in at a price of $599 which nets you the 32GB of storage space in an Indigo Black only color of the Nexus 9. You can purchase these both from the U.S. Google Play Store and through T-Mobile, and even though the orders just went live this morning the factory images for the Android 5.0.1 builds were already posted to the factory image page on Google’s servers. This build is listed as LRX22C, and if you’re familiar with the flashing process then as soon as you have LTE enabled Nexus 9 in hand you can promptly go about putting this software build on your device.

This factory image build is the same software build that went out for the WiFi only models of the Nexus 9 back on December 2nd, so it isn’t a huge surprise to see this live so soon after the LTE models of the Nexus 9 go on sale through a couple of the different outlets where you can purchase one. If you’re not to keen on how to flash a factory image to your device, we either recommend waiting until this update pushes out to the LTE Nexus 9 over the air, or just spending a small amount of time reading up on what the process entails. It’s a little easier than it may sound as long as you follow the instructions to the letter, just remember that you flash software to your device at your own risk so if there’s a misstep, it’s on you.

The Nexus 9 carries an 8.9-inch screen on board and is protected by Gorilla Glass 3, and it’s powered by an Nvidia Tegra K1 processor and a 6700mAh battery, which Google stated for the LTE model will last about 8.5 hours for browsing, and about 30 days on standby. That of course depends on what apps you use, the brightness setting you use, and plenty of other factors so those time frames are just generalizations. Did you purchase a Nexus 9 from T-Mobile today or did you order one through the Play Store already? If you want to flash the factory image you can find the download here at the link.