Google: Nexus 6 Front-facing Camera Issues To Be Resolved in Upcoming OTA Update

December 4, 2014 - Written By Phil Bourget

The Nexus 6 has been the later-than-expected flagship from Google and Motorola, and as with every new device, there are updates to apps, software, and hardware (at least for the Nexus 9, anyway). And, since we heard about this Android 5.0.1 update coming to the tablet-shaped world of Android, we have also heard that an update will be on the way to Nexus 6 users with an improvement that many will appreciate.

The Nexus 6, and Lollipop in general actually, feature a new, more accurate version of face unlock called ‘trusted faces’, so users can more easily unlock their devices sans password, passcode, or pattern. The feature, which came about with the Galaxy Nexus back in late 2011, has been slow or inaccurate, but with Lollipop, it has seen a full refreshing. The feature, which used to take up the whole interactive part of the lockscreen now doesn’t so it gives way to the lockscreen notification panel design, so it checks your face while you check your missed notifications. This is a vast improvement over the previous implementations, but the Nexus 6 has had a hard time checking its owner’s face to let them into their device.

The Nexus 6 has had some issues, as reported by some users, with recognizing their face in less-than-ideal lighting. The camera issues also could appear during Hangouts calls, where the picture is darker than the actual thing it’s showing to the other person or people on the call. Now, this might seem minor, but it’s a core feature and offering in Lollipop, as well as a huge disappointment for Nexus 6 owners, simply because my year-old Nexus 5 does the job better than their just-released Nexus 6. But, John Paul D let the Google Product Forum dedicated to the issue and its presence know of some great news.

John Paul let the forum know that the issue has been corrected, judging by their testing and feedback, in the AOSP source code, and the new code will be bundled into a new software update, likely to be a 5.0.1 (or 5.0.2 if the issue is on more devices than just the Nexus 6, so as to encompass the random factory reset bugs addressed in the tablets’ recent 5.0.1 update as well as this camera fix) update for the device. Have you experienced the issue with the camera on your Nexus 6, or another Lollipop-touting Nexus? If so, how much do you use the front camera that it causes a huge interruption for you? Do you care that, even though Lollipop is a huge update and not many devices have it yet, there are updates upon updates already for the new Android version? Let us know down below.