Google Nexus 6 Now Available With U.S. Cellular For $199.99


If you have been after Google's Nexus 6 then you might have found the process a little difficult. There is no doubt that in spite of the price, this is a popular device. It has continually sold out since its release and during its subsequent flash sales on the Play Store. Well, that is for the unlocked version of course. Part of the reasoning behind the sell-out is popularity, but the other reason was that the carriers had supposedly bought most of the stock. This was not a smart move from the customers viewpoint as it forces them into unwanted contracts. Not to mention if you went with AT&T, then you're close-to-stock Nexus 6 came SIM locked.

Well, if you have had trouble getting hold of one and wanted to avoid AT&T and the likes then it seems the Google Nexus 6 had quite suddenly become available on U.S. Cellular. Although its release was quite sudden, it was not a huge surprise to us as we did report a few days ago that we had been tipped it was arriving on U.S. Cellular. Although, it has gone live a day earlier than we expected which is never a bad thing. That said, the Nexus 6 is now live and it is presumed there are no issues with stock. If you are interested, then you can pick up the Nexus 6 on a two-year U.S. Cellular contract for $199.99 for the 32GB version. If you want the big boy, then the 64GB version will set you back $249.99 on the same two-year contract. Alternatively, if you want the device out-and-out then you are looking at $660 via U.S. Cellular for the 32GB version. Again, if you want the bigger one then it will set you back $730 off-contract. Of course, there is no way to know whether this is an unlocked or SIM-locked version via U.S. Cellular, so going this route might be a bit hit or miss.


If you do go for the Nexus 6 on U.S. Cellular then it is worth knowing that they also seem to be stocking the Cloud White color device as well as the Midnight Blue. Generally speaking, the other carriers seem to only be stocking the Midnight blue version so this is a good chance to get the white version at a subsidized price. So, will the Nexus 6 in-stock temp you towards U.S. Cellular? Are you going to pick one up? If so, let us know.

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