Google Lists Their 'Must-Have' Apps For Android Devices On The Play Store

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It is the last week of December now and that means we are only days away from the beginning of 2015 and all the new stuff it will bring. That said, 2014 is still here and while the year closes you will see plenty of end-of-year and roundup stories making the rounds. Google are no different. For instance, back at the start of December they announced (by announced they simply listed on the Play Store) what they were saying were the Best Apps of 2014. The list consisted of a lot of the normal apps you would expect combined with a few you might not know. It was also rather mixed with mainly free apps but a few of those priced ones thrown in too. If you missed the best of list you can click here to see what Google were saying.

Well, that was the start of December and their end of year type deal. However, since then Christmas has just come and gone and it now looks like Google has put a new list together. This one is a lot more fundamental than a best of 2014 though and instead seems to be designed at those who might have got their first android smartphone over the holiday period. That is because this list is Google’s ‘Must-Have Apps for Android’. Although, this is assumed to be more aimed towards the newer converts over the festive period, it is always worth a look and a mention for the more veteran android users as you never know what you might have missed from the masses of android apps out there.

So what’s on the list? Well, there are a few apps listed. This is after all Google’s must-have of a massive abundance of choices and as such it seems they were only able to narrow down the list to 127 apps. That said a number of them you will know like Pushbutton, Hulu, Spotify, Groupon and CNN. However, there are a number of smaller ones you might not have heard of too. There are simply too many to list here though and not wanting to give away the surprise of what’s on offer you should simply click here and head over and see what is on the list. You never know what you might find? Afterward, make sure to leave a comment below on whether any listed apps surprised you. What was your must-have app of the year and what you think is the ‘must have’ app for android in general? Let us know