Google Intros "2014: The Year in Entertainment" Showing us the popular Apps, Movies, Books and More!

year in entertainment

Today, Google released their first “Year in Entertainment” infographic, which shows which apps, movies, tv shows, books and more from the Play Store were popular in 2014. It’s pretty interesting to see which apps were the most popular, as well as the fastest growing. By no surprise, the Health & Fitness category was the fastest growing app category. With Android Wear really becoming popular this year and Google Fit launching with it, it’s no surprise that Health & Fitness were the most popular. As far as games go, Candy Crush was still the most popular. Toy Story started making a comeback this year, with a ton of people watching it this year. The fastest growing music genre? That would be Soundtracks. With Frozen being the top album of the year. And as far as news sources go, TMZ was right up there with NYT and Forbes, Surprisingly.

When you look at the most popular apps by category, most of these aren’t surprises. Like Duolingo in Education, MyFitnessPal in Health & Fitness, Pandora in Music, Flipagram in Photography, Facebook for Social Media, Netflix for Entertainment, NFL Mobile for Sports and lastly, Tripadvisor for travel. Coincidentally, I use just about all of these apps, and I’m sure I’m not alone in using them since they are the most popular in their respective categories.

Interesting that the Movie of the year was Frozen, not so surprising though was TV Show of the Year, the Walking Dead. The Most searched for Actor on Google Play? Well that’d be Robin Williams who passed away earlier this year. Song of the year was Dark Horse by Katy Perry, and song of the Summer was Fancy by Iggy Azalea.

You can check out the full infographic down below. There’s some really interesting tidbits in here that you’ll find interesting I think. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Google Play - End of Year Infographic - 2014 - FINAL