Google Has Fixed The Android Lollipop Bug That Was Causing Memory Leak And Crashed Apps

Android 5.0 Lollipop is great, and Material Design is certainly beautiful, but even what might be the best Android release since Android began isn't without its flaws. There have been a number of bugs that have been plaguing users on multiple devices,(it seems mostly Nexus phones and tablets)and one of the most troublesome is a bug that's been around since Google introduced the developer preview for users back in June, one that leaks RAM and essentially was causing apps to crash. Like all OS platforms, RAM get's used up when apps or programs are opened, Android is no different in this way. However, Android is set up in such a way that RAM is supposed to clear up when the system senses that something else is in need of the resources.

This particular bug was prohibiting the RAM from clearing itself out and allowing for other background processes to make use of it, which as we stated was causing apps to crash or force close on themselves. It's easy to understand how users could be frustrated with such a bug, the good news is that Google has apparently found a way to fix this issue as they have marked this problem on the bug tracker as closed with a "future release" tag. This doesn't mean the bug is completely fixed yet, as Google will still have to push out an update to affected persons, but Google has been fast with updates relating to the Android Lollipop software release in regards to bugs so hopefully it won't be long.

The bug wasn't affecting all apps it seems, just those that ended up needing or using the most RAM to run in the background, then again, this could include many apps that people use on a daily basis and since everyone uses their devices differently, it's safe to say that it was capable of affecting a wide range of people. If you're currently using Android Lollipop on any of your devices and are experiencing this bug yourself, look for an update coming your direction likely in the next couple of weeks, at least we'd expect it to be around that time.

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