Google Files Against Mississippi State Attorney General Jim Hood For 'Project Goliath' Involvement


Google have been in the news a lot recently. To be fair, they are always in the news one way or another. However, recently we have seen the launch of the new Nexus devices as well as the hotly anticipated new Google android operating system, Android 5.0 (Lollipop). That said, in the very recent times (literally days) another story has started to gain momentum. This stems from the recent Sony hacks which brought to light a number of documents. Some of these were very much geared towards our very own Google.

If you saw our previous article from this morning then you will know that some of the leaked Sony documents showed that the Motion Picture Association Of America (MPAA) led a covert campaign on behalf of movie studios (like Sony) to rubbish Google. This was part of what is now known as 'Project Goliath'. In the previous article, we highlighted that Google were not too happy about these documents and the seemingly witch-hunt to force Google to omit search results which would lead to sites that offer pirated content. Although yesterday, in a blog post Google highlighted their 'deep concerns' about the documents and the MPAA involvement, it seems we all might have underestimated how concerned Google were. Today, the news is that Google have now responded by filing their own lawsuit on the matter.


In court document filed today, Google has filed against Mississippi State Attorney General Jim Hood. If you are wondering why Jim Hood in particular, then this is because he is considered to be largely involved in the Project Goliath plans and suspected to be deeply involved in the MPAA and their efforts to bring the initial cases against Google. To add to the court filing, Google also updated its blog post from yesterday, advising that they have taken this step to ask the court to set aside Attorney General Hood's 79-page subpoena against them. According to Google, this subpoena "constitutes an unjustified attack that violates well-established U.S. laws governing Internet platforms and online intermediaries". Google also seems to be seeking to stop Hood from being able to file any future charges. So what do you think about the recent news on this story? Are you glad Google are now filing their own court case against those looking to discredit Google? Let us know.

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