Google Is Blocking Gmail Extensions That Can Spy On Your Email

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Google is taking extra steps to protect your Gmail account. Back in March they flipped a switch and moved to HTTPS for every Gmail connection that you establish. This move helps to keep your connections more secure and keep out prying eyes. Yesterday they announced that they are taking steps to block add-ons and extensions that might be trying to view your email. Google is doing this by adding support for Content Security Policy, which helps “by stopping these extensions from loading unsafe code.” The move to support CSP should play nice with most extensions that are on the up-and-up. They do admit that some extensions may have problems, which should be solved by simply updating the extension in the Chrome Web Store.

This marks another step in Google’s journey to keep users more protected. Moving to HTTPS connections in March, adding two-step verification, detecting suspicious activity, and serving images through secure proxy servers are just some of the other ways that the Gmail team, in particular, has added to our security when using their service. They also added email encryption when your messages are passing through Google’s servers, meaning that even Google doesn’t know what your messages say when you hit “send.” Now with this new extension and add-on security policy, your Gmail interactions can be even safer. Google says that most popular extensions are already up to date and shouldn’t have any problem with this change. You shouldn’t notice anything different.

Google is trying different things with Gmail and with email in general, too. They announced Inbox back in October as an alternative to the standard Gmail view. It’s a new way to interact with email and changes the way that you save, archive, and postpone email for later viewing. Google’s says that Inbox is designed “to focus on what really matters.” Inbox feels like it was built around that premise. Inbox isn’t for everyone, but I like it a lot. I’m also happy that Google is always looking for new ways to keep my information secure.