Google AOSP Issue Tracker Has Been Inundated With Spam Messages

Email has been one of the real game changers of technology and virtually everyone you know has and uses email now and on a daily basis. In fact, you would probably be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't have email these days. The fact that we all have this somewhere-in-the-ether mailbox which can collect and store our mail has really made life online an easy thing. That said, like all mailboxes, you do tend to occasionally get overrun with generic mail, aka spam. However, unlike the spam which turns up in your physical mailbox like the Trader Joes newsletter or that Victoria Secrets catalogue which periodically turns up (oh right, just me then), online spam is far more frequent. The more services you sign up for or more products you buy, the greater the level of spam you will receive. The worst of these spam mail is those which you did not sign up for but instead some company has managed to get hold of (or buy) your email address and insists on reminding you of the wonders of Viagra or the latest 'seven ways to get rich in the next six minutes'. These are the worst types of spam and ones we are all getting, more and more often.

Well, don't feel alone as it now seems that Google has signed up to some dodgy service recently which sells your email address (hmm, wonder what's in your recent search history, Mr Google). That is, what you would think if you visited the AOSP issue tracker today. Yep, it seems Google today is being quite highly inundated with spam. It seems, even the mighty Google can't get away from the unfortunate spam phenomenon, with what seems to be a vast number of messages being auto-posted and generated to the issue tracker. All of the messages (or at least the majority) seem to be from the same spammer (or group of spammers) under the guise of Vashikaran Specialist (or 'VaShiKaRaN SpEciAliSt' to be exact). The spamming has only been live for a few hours, but in that time the number of spam is seriously increasing at a rapid rate. Most of them seem to be India orientated with India appearing in the title consistently. Not to mention that they are more the usual type of spam content. So for instance, if you are interested in "bring your love back through Indian hypnotism" or an "online black magic specialist in Madhya Pradesh" then you might want to head over to the issue tracker today.

At present, it is not clear how the spammers have managed to breach Google's safety protocols for the issue tracker. One would assume, Google have this sort of thing down tight. That said though, they are there and hitting the issue tracker quite hard. It also seems convenient that it happens to be on the night before New Year's Eve when this has all kicked off. Most of those at Google who are there to sort these things out, are probably gearing up for their New Year break so it is unclear how quickly this will get sorted. Of course, it will get sorted and if you are seriously tracking an issue then you should expect it to be cleared up either in the next few hours or few days. So, need to know how to get your girlfriend back in five easy steps? Then click here.

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