Google Answers The Biggest Question Of The Year - What Were We Asking The Most This Year

"OK Google"...What were people talking about this year?". If this was a question you were planning on asking your phone, tablet or Chromebook in the next week then don't worry. It looks like in preparation for the New Year celebrations, Google has beaten you to the punch. This is because Google has released an interesting 'top questions of 2014' posting to its trends sub-thread. A lot of the results are probably more obvious ones, but there are still a few gems tucked away there too. Google kicks off the bat by announcing that the 'where', 'why', 'who' and 'what' type of questions were all trumped by the 'how' questions. It seems these are overall our most want-to-know questions. In fact, according to Google, the 'hows' were asked eight times more often than the second place 'whos'. If you consider yourself a bit more of a bigger question type of guy then you might want to know that the biggest 'bigger question' of all this year was "what is love". According to Google, this was asked 5 times more often than the more academic "what is science". Following on from this, it would seem the art of survival is kissing. As the biggest activity related search this year was "how to kiss" which was searched more times then even "how to survive".

In terms of the 'whens' it seems Easter is the time that got us all stumped the most. With "when is Easter" topping the most asked when question. This was followed by "when is Halloween" in second place. In fact, according to a great little graph provided by Google, it seems September and October were the only months of the year in which 'when is Halloween' was more frequently asked than Easter. Which seems a bit weird when you factor in that in May (just after Easter), it was still more often asked than Halloween. Interesting huh. The 'where' questions also made for interesting reading. With such a busy life and GPS taking over, it should not be a surprise that the biggest 'where' question this year was "where am i". That said, it might be a little more surprising to learn the second biggest where question this year was "where is Sochi". It seems we all watched the Winter Olympics even though we didn't know where it was.

Other interesting revelations included that we were twice as likely to ask "who unfollowed me" then we were "who called me". While it is probably less surprising to learn that 'Ebola' was the most searched medical-related topic with diabetes, pregnancy and the flu all coming in behind. In terms of the internet, it is probably worth noting that the top three questions were all core internet questions like who invented it, was it is and when. More interestingly though the fourth most asked internet question was "How fast is my internet" This was quickly followed in fifth place (and probably by the same people who got the answer to the first question) by "Why is my Internet so slow". So what were your most asked questions this year? Let us know.

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