Google Announce NVIDIA And Marvell Processors Will Also Be Available For Project Ara


Project Ara is a wonderful proposition. The idea that you can literally build your own smartphone will bring a whole new level of customization to the table. However, the additional benefit of Google's modular smartphone is that you do not have to stick with your original built smartphone. You don't like something, no problem, switch it out for something else. Your processor is dated, no problem, switch it out for a new one. The concept alone is enough to make an android fan squeal.

Well, with each day that passes, the idea of the modular smartphone becomes closer to reality. In fact, we only have to wait until January before the next Google Developer Conference takes place, before we can get a look at the next working prototype of Ara in all its glory. That said, if January seems too far away, then don't worry as Google have let slip a few more Ara details to get you through the holiday period. So whats new? Well, it's time for some processor talk. We already know that Ara is due to come with a Rockchip processor inside. At least, that will be one of the choices. In the most recent blog from Google, they also announced that there will be two more processor options available. The first will be based on NVIDIA's superfast Tegra K1 processor. While the second option will be based upon Marvell's 64-bit PXA1928 chip. Google has said that they are already working with both companies to create the modular prototypes.


As a last little snippet of information to tide you over, Google also announced that the Spiral 2 prototypes look "beautiful" with their custom module shells, which they will be showing off at the developer conference in January. To add to this, the blog signed off with the ultimate teaser alluding to the Spiral 3 prototype, which will include Toshiba built "second generation of UniPro switch and bridge ASICs with a contactless M-PHY data transfer capability (using inductive AC-coupling)". So, are you still excited about the notion of Ara? What do you think of the newly announced processors? What else would you like to see included or available for Ara? Let us know.

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