Google Announce February Deadline For Unofficial Android Wear Face Developers


Any smartwatch owners out there? Of course there are! Smartwatches have been big business in the second half of 2014 and it not surprising. People like watches and people like gadgets, bring the two together and hey presto. One of the real sweet aspects of smart watches is that they are highly customizable. Take the watch face for instance. Unlike normal (dumb) watches, with a smartwatch you can change the face of your watch as often as you like. Literally, a different looking watch every day..,or even hour if you want. That said, most of the watch faces out there are technically unofficial or third party ones. Although, that looks set to change real soon.

Today, Google pushed out an official API for Android Wear Faces. As a result of this, all current Android Wear face developers will be expected to become official over the coming weeks. In fact, within the announcement (source link below) there is a very clear deadline noted. The announcement states that developers have until the end of January (31st) to include the official API in their watch faces. Further adding that those who do not transition their faces over by the deadline will find their faces disappearing from availability. This is because google plan to remove the support for unofficial API watch faces shortly after the deadline.


If you are a developer, you only have less than eight weeks to bring the transition into effect for your faces and so you might want to pay attention to this particular point. Google note that if you include support for only the API Level 21 then your watch face will not be visible on Android Wear devices running the current API Level 20. As such, and if you want the watch face to be available now and ready for the roll-over, then you will need to include support for both API Levels 20 and 21. All this, should not be too much work for the bigger watch face developers out there, although the smaller guys might find the eight-week timeframe a little more pressing. Either way, big changes are en-route for Android Wear faces in the near future. What watch face do you currently use? Leave a comment and let us know.

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