Get Your Dues From T-Mobile And AT&T Over The SMS Cramming Charges

While this may not have affected the majority of users on T-mobile and AT&T's networks, enough people were receiving cramming charges on their monthly wireless bills for the FTC to take notice, which prompted an investigation into the matter and finally resulted in them suing both companies. This has been an ongoing long process where the problem with charges started years ago, but the lawsuits only appeared last year and both carriers only recently decided to settle those lawsuits and have agreed to pay back the unwanted charges that were making it onto customers monthly bills. T-Mobile in total has agreed to pay back an amount of $90 million, while AT&T has agreed to pay back a total of $105 million, most of which goes back to the customers affected with a fraction of it being paid in fines to the FTC.

Now that the dust has settled over these two cases and the carriers are giving this money back to the consumers, the question for many of you is likely how you can find out if you fall into the group of people who are due some of that cash. It's actually quite a bit easier than you might think, although you only have a limited time in which to file your claim for the return of those charges. Also though, the deadline to apply isn't until April 30th for T-Mobile and May 1st for AT&T, so even though this is a time sensitive thing, you still have plenty of time to get things done, provided you don't procrastinate and lose out.

In the wake of these investigations and settlements, the FTC made a point to give their ongoing stance on this particular issue, which is that they'll continue to investigate carriers over cramming charges. So even though things have been settled between AT&T and T-Mobile, that doesn't mean the same issue can't happen with other carriers and the FTC is keen on doing everything in their power to make sure it either doesn't happen or that it gets rectified if the problem slips through the cracks down the road. If you think you've got some money coming from either one of these carriers for SMS cramming charges received in the past five years, T-Mobile customers can visit this link to file a claim, while those who may have been affected on AT&T can visit this link to apply for any money potentially owed.

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