Flyme Update Is Now Available For Meizu's MX4 Pro Handset

Meizu MX4 Pro is one of the best Chinese smartphones in 2014. This China-based smartphone manufacturer has launched two flagship handsets this year, the MX4 and the MX4 Pro. Many would argue that the MX4 Pro was an unnecessary launch by Meizu considering that they launched it only two and a half months after the original MX4, but the company managed to sell a lot of MX4 Pro units and it's a great phone, so... I guess objections are unnecessary, though I also feel like it was a bit unnecessary at that time. Either way, the phone was launched back in November and took China by storm, though it's still now available elsewhere, except through reseller, as many Chinese phones are.

This handset has just received an update by Meizu, the company has updated their Android-based Flyme OS to version (international update). This update brings a ton of improvements along with it, you can check out the full changelog if you follow the source link below, we'll going to cover only some aspects of the software which got updated / improved. Meizu has tweaked the stumble sound effect when making a call, in order to make it more reliable. Camera has also seen some improvements, they have optimized the camera algorithm which modifies auto white balance and fixed issues with image underexposure and over sharpening along while also improving power consumption while using the camera (either for image or video shooting). General fluency of the OS has been improved along with Bluetooth reliability. The reliability of Flyme's "Smart Touch" function has also been improved, same goes for the browser which used to mess up the layout of web pages in rare instances. All Wi-Fi and VPN issues have been taken care of by Meizu as well.

As I said, it's a rather long list of changes, but we've listed the most important ones. If you'd like to check every single thing, feel free to visit the source link down below. If you'd like to update your MX4 Pro handset to this version of the OS, you can do that OTA via your phone, or visiting the source link below and downloading one of 4 sub-version of this update. You should be able to update it via OTA as we speak, if not, you'll be able to do it soon, so just hang in there and let us know whether you like the update and has Meizu taken care of some issues you might have encountered on your device.

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