FitBit Charge Is Also Starting To Cause Skin Irritation For Some Users


Wearables have a been consistent staple of this year. Whether it is a smartwatch, a fitness tracker or other health related wearable they are now in abundance. So much so that the choice is almost too much. One of the companies who has released a number of wearable over the last 18 months is FitBit. Generally speaking, their wearables are all health and fitness related although they can tell you the time as well (not sure if that is enough anymore to be called a watch). Anyway, FitBit have become pretty good at releasing these sorts of wearables.

That said, they did have a spot of bother at the start of the year when a number of its users starting having skin irritation issues with the then released FitBit Force. It seems wearing the bands caused quite substantial rashes on some users although FitBit claimed the affected users to be less than 2% of those who bought one. Either way, FitBit were not looking to cause any problems with customers and promptly offered a recall on the units and refunded those who had an issue.


Well, since then FitBit has launched a few more wearables including the recently released FitBit Charge. And you guessed it. This one also seems to be causing some users skin irritation problems. Now in contrast (and as the CEO of FitBit is quick to point out) the number of affected users (so far) is only a handful compared to more than one hundred thousand who have bought the device. That said, FitBit will not want a repeat of what happened with the FitBit Force. As a means of reassurance, the FitBit CEO also advises that a different form of adhesive (which was believed to be the problem with the Force) was used to what was provided in the Force. Further adding the company had met with dermatologists to make sure the current product did not elicit similar issues. In fact, the cause being offered by FitBit is likely a build up of sweat, water and soap being held against the skin underneath the device. As such, regularly cleaning is being touted as a means to avoid the problem. Either way though, if similar cases continue to come to light then this won't be good news for FitBit. Are you a FitBit Charge owner? Noticed any issues with the device? Let us know.


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