Fifteen Giant Amazon Mystery Boxes Have Appeared All Across The US


A giant Amazon box has been spotted on the bed of a truck in San Francisco today by an editor over at Re/code. Anybody can walk by and take a look at the gigantic mystery box with the a giant Amazon logo on the side. Of course, struck with a little curiosity, the editor reached out to Amazon to see if he could learn anything. Fortunately, he was successful in doing so, an Amazon rep disclosed to him that there are in fact 15 total gigantic Amazon boxes scattered all over the United States. The Amazon rep followed up by saying that the boxes contents would be revealed next week and would be related to the holidays.

As some of you might remember, earlier this year Amazon performed a similar stunt on a smaller scale with a single gigantic mystery box. It was spotted on the back of a flatbed truck just like the current boxes and later turned out to be a Nissan car related to the advertising deal between the two companies. The whole situation blew up on Reddit and attracted a lot of attention, doing the same thing on a bigger scale is sure to attract even more attention this time around.

Taking a more detailed dive into information provided by the Amazon rep, he was sure to point out that this time around the boxes are not related to any sort of marketing campaign. Instead, the rep said that the boxes are related to a new program that will be unveiled at the same time as the unboxings. He is also quoted as saying, "We're excited to be making 15 special deliveries next week as part of the holiday season." Finally, the rep ended the email with, "Stay tuned", leaving us with a pretty big cliff hanger.


If any of you out there are lucky enough to manage to spot another giant mystery Amazon box, let us know where you spot it. And what kind of new program do you think Amazon has in store for us next week? Let us know in the comments below.

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