Featured: Top 10 Best Call Blocker Apps for Android

Top 10 Best Call Blocker Apps AH 1

We all have those people that call us and we never want to talk to them. Whether they call and never answer when we do, or call the wrong number and don’t want to admit it’s the wrong number. We’ve all been there. One of the great things about having a smartphone, is being able to block these people from calling and some of these apps will block them from texting as well.

Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker

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Calls Blacklist allows you to add calls to your block list, as well as SMS. So if you’re getting calls from an annoying telemarketer, you can add them to the list so that they won’t be bothering you anymore. The only real feature it’s missing, is the ability to transfer the calls list that’s blocked from device to device.


Call Blocker Free – Blacklist

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With Call Blocker free you are able to block unwanted calls, spam messages, as well as create custom blocking modes, and block the “One-ring phone scam”. It’s a very good app to have if you get a lot of unwanted calls or texts.


Call Blocker

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Get rid of unwanted calls and messages. Blocker is the best call blocking app out there, says the developer. It’s got a ton of features including blacklist and whitelist features. You can easily block anyone from calling, sending MMS or texting you.



Blacklist Plus – Call Blocker

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This call blocker is very simple to use and it works. Blacklist Plus allows you to block calls and messages and has four different blocking modes. Blacklist, All except Whitelist, All Except Contacts, All Numbers or Disable.


Mr. Number-Block calls & spam

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This app, Mr. Number, makes it easy for you to block calls, as well as identify and stop spam. You can also look up unknown phone numbers to see if its someone you know, or just an unwanted call.


Truecaller – Caller ID & Block

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Truecaller allows you to block phone numbers from your recent calls list. As well as spam text messages. It’s using material design, and it’s nice and easy to use.


Block SMS And Call

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This app makes it super easy to block calls and SMS messages. As an added feature, you can also do reverse lookup of phone numbers. To see who it was that called you without calling them back.


Extreme Call Blocker

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Extreme Call Blocker has a lot of features. But probably the most important is their backup and restore. You can backup/restore from a SD card, but also from your Dropbox account, meaning it’s in the cloud.


Root Call Blocker

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This one is for root users only, in case you couldn’t tell by the name. But it will block calls and you can also make lists, so certain calls are blocked at certain times of day. Which is actually pretty neat.


Master Call Blocker

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Say Good-bye to Call-stalkers! This fully-featured call blocker is 100% AD-FREE and is FREE! Master Call Blocker takes care of those pesky callers by dealing with them the way you want. Call Blocking is now just tap away. Block calls and avoid interruptions. It also includes features like the ability to Block unwanted calls with a BLOCKED LIST, Block Individual Contacts, Block Individual phone numbers from Android call log, Block Custom phone numbers, Block all unknown number (not in your Android phone contacts), and Block all numbers.