Featured: Top 10 Best Android Torch Apps

Torch apps are quite often one of the apps which is most overlooked. However, these can be at the times the most useful apps to have and especially in an emergency. This is why most recent versions of android now come with a stock torch feature built-in. That said, if you are looking for a torch option which offers you more then just a torch then check out our current top 10 torch apps for android.

Super Bright LED Torch

The first on the list is Super Bright LED Torch. This torch does all you would expect from a torch including easy activation of turning on the light. In fact, the UI for Super Bright LED Torch makes the screen look like the top of an actual torch. To turn on you simply swipe the on button to on and off to off, like you would with a normal torch. Additional feature on offer include a strobe or blinking effect as well as the ability to adjust the frequency of the strobe. Good for those times when you want to get noticed. If you are looking for a decent yet powerful torch option then check this one out

Fun Torch

If you haven't guessed by now 'Fun Torch' is designed to bring a little bit of color to your torch and flashlight needs. Similar to Super Bright, Fun Torch again offers the basic functionality of the torch. However, different to Super Bright, Fun Touch is far more customizable in terms of the visual aesthetics of the torch This app offers multiple skins which can be used, offering the ability to feel like you are using multiple different torches everytime you turn it on. To change skins is easy with the colors changeable simply by swiping. Fun Touch also offers a variety of additional torch functions to help brighten up your day (or night) including front facing UV lights as well as glow sticks. If you are looking for something a little bit different and a bit more colorful then give this one a try

Privacy Flashlight

Privacy flashlight probably does not need too much explaining. Not because the app is so well known, but because the name kinda says it all. Privacy Flashlight's USP is exactly that. A flashlight which doesn't come with a number of the permissions some of the other flashlights ask for. If you are someone who is worried about endless lists of permissions on apps, then Privacy Flashlight is the one for you. It is lightweight, requires almost no permissions and gets the job done. The downside compared to the others is that with a lightweight app comes with little additional features and functions. If you just want a torch then this will work.

Tesla LED Flashlight

Tesla LED is a good middle of the road torch offering. When you factor in, function and app size, then this is a real alternative option. Again, compared to some of the others on this list, this is a lightweight app. However, in spite of its light weight, it does provide a decent level of functionality and additional features. Besides the standard torch, Tesla LED also offers Strobe and Morse Code effects, as well as a police flashing (Red and Blue) light. If you are looking for a torch which doesn't weigh your device down but offers features then give Tesla a try.


If all the talk of additional features like strobe effects, police effects, torch animations and so on is making you want to scream "just give me a torch" then this is the app for you. Torch's name is no mistake and certainly does not undersell the product. This is a torch and nothing else. There are no additional features, there is no interface and not really even an on/off button. To activate you open the app, to turn the torch off you close the app. The benefit of such simplicity is the app size and this is the smallest torch app on the list weighing in at an extremely small 24kb. This is plain and simply a torch. If that is what you are after then this is the one.

Color Torch HD LED Flashlight

From one of the featureless torch apps to one of the most feature full. Color Flashlight is another torch app which offers a whole bunch of features and additional add-ons. As well as the standard torch feature, Color Flashlight also offers the ability to turn your device into a police light, a disco light, a candle or an LED banner. These are all utilised using your screen and as such include relative animations to go along with the feature. For instance, the candle feature displays a rather soothing candle animation. If you are wondering how big the app size is with so many features included then unfortunately this is one of those 'varies with device' apps. That said, if you want a feature full torch app then maybe give Color Flashlight a try.

Brightest Flashlight Free

As you are probably starting to see by now, when it comes to torch apps, the name is everything. These apps literally tell you what they do by name alone. Brightest Flashlight is another example of this. However, to be clear this is not the brightest concentrated torch on the list, but what it does do, is turn on virtually every light on your device. Depending on your device, this could include the camera flash, screen brightness, keyboard or soft key backlights, notification LED and so on. The downside of an app that turns on every light possible is that it does need quite an extensive list of permissions to activate all the various lights. That said, if you are not permission paranoid and want your entire phone to illuminate then this might be the torch for you.

Screen Torch

Screen Torch is an interesting addition to this list, as it has one of the clearest USP's of all the torches on this list. This torch is meant for devices that do not have a camera (which in reality is very few these days). That said, its other USP, is that, as it does not utilise your camera is also does not require permission for the camera (which is one of the most common permissions, users seemed to be concerned with). Screen Torch simply lights up your screen as your torch. As such if you are after a very lightweight app (in both size and permissions) and don't mind using your screen then maybe screen torch is the one for you.

Torch Flashlight LED HD

By now, you are probably thinking you don't need any more Torch suggestions as most reasons for a torch have been extensively covered. However, it is worth keeping Torch Flashlight LED HD in mind. This app does the basic torch features and does not include much else. There is the ability to use your screen as a colored lamp and that is pretty much all the uses of this app. That said, the interface on Torch Flashlight LED HD is far prettier than a number of the other apps already discussed. If looks matter, then this one will be worth giving a try. On the downside, this is a heavy weighted app coming in at 6MB.

Smart Flashlight

Last on the list is Smart Flashlight. This is again a no-strings or frills torch offering. In fact, the developers make this one of their key selling points, noting that the app only has three functions. Firstly, you can use your LED as a torch. Secondly, you can use your screen as a front facing light and lastly you can create a flashlight widget for your homescreen. If this sounds like enough features without being too basic then give smart Flashlight a try.

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