Featured: Top 10 Best Android Smartphones & Tablets Everyday Performance Rankings - 2014



When it comes to choosing an Android device whether that be your next smartphone or your next tablet, gaming performance and GPU performance isn't everything. You might be a little more concerned with how the everyday performance stacks up. In that case, Futuremark has compiled a list for you that contains information obtained by Futuremark using their PC Mark benchmark tests, displaying the top devices of 2014 for everyday performance. This particular test looks at how devices perform during every day tasks like browsing, checking emails, watching videos and working with text, and editing photos. All things many of us probably do on a daily basis, give or take a couple of those options.

The tests are designed so that it can measure the scores by emphasizing the independence of the CPU, the GPU, the storage and the memory for overall performance of each device. The end result is a score for each device tested that is treated as a complete unit instead of a test that singles out one significant factor like the GPU performance from the 3D Mark test. Everyday performance is important because it gives us a good idea of how the devices are going to run through the day to day tasks we use all the time. The ranking has the HTC Nexus 9 at the top which may or may not surprise you, but if anything it should make those that have already picked up a Nexus 9 feel good about their choice for picking up a new tablet as they can expect the best everyday performance from any of the 2014 devices tested and ranked. Keep in mind though that while these tests are designed to rank devices based on every day performance, individual results of course will vary some as everyone uses their devices differently. You can see the image above for the top 10 devices, and you can also view the full list here at this link.

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