Featured: Top 10 Best Android Action Games

December 4, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

Contract Killer: SniperContract Killer: Sniper

In Contract Killer: Sniper, you play the role of a master assassin who has to infiltrate secure locations and execute your targets. As a professional assassin, you have to honor your contracts, that is the unwritten rule. There are over 250 unique missions and campaigns to undertake, weapons are highly customizable, and you can battle it out for dominance in PvP combat play. You can check out Contract Killer: Sniper at the download link in the Play Store.

Big Hero 8 BitBig Hero 8 Bit

Big Hero 8 Bit is a great little action title that follows the much loved format of sidescrolling beat-em-ups you might remember from the 90’s. The game is modeled after the recently released movie Big Hero 6, allowing you to play out levels of the movie with the Big Hero robot character. You can punch, kick, defend and shoot, and the game features simple controls with only a virtual D-Pad and the A, and B buttons. You also might love the retro 8-Bit graphics. You can check out Big Hero 8 Bit at the download link in the Play Store.

Unearthed:Trail of Ibn BattutaAH Unearthed

If you liked the Uncharted series from the Playstation consoles, than you should definitely check out Unearthed. The game very much follows the same style of gameplay and has plenty of action and adventure to satiate your needs. There is a deep story narrative, excellent graphics, and it even features voice over acting from individuals who did voice overs in games like Bioshock Infinite, The Last of Us, Halo 2 and more. You can check out Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Batutta for $2.99 at the download link in the Play Store.


BombSquad is just good old fashioned fun with friends in this high-intensity multiplayer action game where the goal is to blow up your friends before they do the same to you. BombSquad features a series of mini games where you can where you can compete against your friends and other players, including hockey and capture the flag. Controls are varied with support for on screen touch controls or Bluetooth gamepads, and it even supports Android TV for those who have the units. You can check out BombSquad at the download link in the Play Store.

Call of Duty: Strike TeamCall of Duty Strike Team

This is Call of Duty developed for mobile devices from the ground up. You can expect all sorts of Call of Duty familiars like strike packages and perks, and instead of a straight up first person shooter you actually control a strike team of 3 soldiers, with the capabilities to switch back and forth between third and first person view, making for a unique Call of Duty experience you’ve never had before. That is, unless you’ve already played this game. You can play through the immersive campaign mode or test your skills in survival mode, and the game is also on sale right through December 4th(this Thursday)as part of the Cyber Week deals. You can check out Call of Duty: Strike Team for the limited sale price of $3.99 at the download link in the Play Store.

Modern Combat 5: BlackoutModern Combat 5

The fifth installment of Gameloft’s wildly popular FPS. It should need no introduction. This newest title in the series features console quality visuals with high-octane FPS action in single player campaign mode, and with intense multiplayer. For the first time ever in a Modern Combat title, you can choose what type of character class you want to play, although each class isn’t playable immediately and must be unlocked through game progression. Your characters can level up with XP gains, and the XP progression is shared between campaign and multiplayer so no matter what you’re playing you’ll be advancing your character. Controls, weapons and characters are all highly customizable. You can check out Modern Combat 5: Blackout for $6.99 at the download link in the Play Store.

Secret of ManaSecret of Mana AH

I know what you’re probably all thinking, this isn’t an action game, it’s an RPG, and you’re correct. But, it’s also an action game and therefore has made its way onto this list because it’s simply and amazing game that everyone should experience. While it does harbor the elements of an RPG like immersive and deep storylines, it also features the hack and slash type combat of an action game instead of the traditional JRPG like turn based combat. There’s hours and hours of gameplay in this mobile port of the original SNES classic, with character progression, tons of weapons, armor, and items to collect, epic adventury(yes… I just said adventury)and tons of boss battles. There are few games that are nigh as epic as this lovely tale. You can check out Secret of Mana for $9.00 at the download link in the Play Store.

Darkness RebornAH Darkness Reborn-1

Darkness Reborn is an action/MMORPG hack and slash title that is quite close to the play style of Dark Avenger and other hack and slash dungeon crawler type games, but with a little more story and flare and improved visuals. There are currently two playable character classes, the Warrior and the kunoichi(ninja), but there is also a third playable class coming in the next update called the Demon Hunter, which is a ranged type. You’ll find a single player campaign mode in this MMO action title as well as PvP battles, weapon and armor upgrades, item crafting, a world boss fight and much more. You can check out Darkness Reborn at the download link in the Play Store.

Deus Ex: The FallDeus Ex The Fall

This is the full experience of the Deus Ex series of games designed specifically for mobile devices. You can expect all the Deus Ex style gameplay and attributes to be included here, from hacking locks and terminals, to enhancing your weaponry and adding/upgrading your body augmentations. Play stealth or go in hard and take out enemies with force, and enjoy hours of gameplay with consequences for your every action. You can check out Deus Ex: The Fall for $6.99 at the download link in the Play Store.


Republique is an episodic game series, with Episode one now available on the Play Store. Enjoy complete stealth action gameplay as you have to help guide the stories main character out of prison like facility in a totalitarian state. Controls are super simple with one-touch gameplay, and you’ll love the immersive puzzles laden throughout. Explore the perils of government surveillance in the internet age, make strategic choices to ensure your safety and survival, and hack into the nation’s elaborate surveillance network. You can check out Republique for $1.99 as part of the Cyber Week deals at the download link in the Play Store.