Featured: Top 10 Android Apps For Finding Your Phone

There are many things in this world that cause heartache. However, losing one's phone is a real serious issue for many users. Smartphones, these days, are not anymore just an object or attachment to which can be easily replaced. This has become even more prevalent in this data sensitive era that we know live in. With smartphones containing almost everything about us and so information-full of our data, keeping your phone safe has never been more important. As such, 'find my phone' type apps have seen a surge in popularity recently. Here is our pick of the best find my phone apps available for android.

Where's My Droid

Where's My Droid is a good way to start this list off as the name says it all. If you are after an app which can help you find your phone, then this will do the job. Where's My Droid is a veteran of the app market and as such combines a significantly revised version along with compatibility with an all android devices from Android 2.3 and up. Where's My Droid allows users to find the phone by ringing or vibrating. Alternatively you can locate your device by GPS which is also compatible with Google Maps. In addition, if your device is stolen then Where's my Droid is able to offer a variety of features to help lock and block your device keeping all your data protected. If you haven't tried Where's My Droid yet then now might be the time.

Anti-Theft - Phone Tracker

Anti-Theft - Phone Tracker is brought to you by Avast - the guys who bring you all the security and virus protection stuff. As such, you can take comfort in knowing that this app is one that is safe, secure and will get the job done. As you would expect of an app of this sort, you can locate and track your lost or stolen device via the web-based GPS tracker. Not to mention, again you can also lock or wipe your device remotely if you need to. However, unlike some of the others, with this app you can also remotely take photos and audio from the surroundings to help catch a thief if your device is stolen. If you want a solid performing find my device app then this might be the one to go for.

Find My Phone!

Like so many of these apps, their names speak volumes and this is again the case with Find My Phone. Once more, this app will allow you to easily locate and find your missing or lost device. However, one of the big USP features of Find My Phone is that this one offers a family affair type of app where you can track and locate all members of the family's devices. This is great if you have children or a need to keep tabs on your family for whatever reason. Another claim to fame for this app is its phone tracking technology, which isolates devices to a very approximate location and provides real-time updates of the device. Another good feature is that this app works equally well with feature phones as it does with smartphones. If you want a very functional and precise find my device app then this might be the one for you.

Theftie - Find my phones

Theftie is an app that is growing in popularity. As you would expect, it does offer all the now standard find phone features including the ability to lock, locate and track your device. Not to mention, it also offers the ability to regain data that may be on your device. It does this by syncing with a Google Drive account. Another unique feature of this app is that it is one of the few that offers additional tweaking for rooted users. As such, this is available as an Xposed Framework option. A last major selling point for this app is its advanced ability to take images of anyone who has stolen your phone. If you are rooted then you might want to give this one a go.

Find My Phone - Anti-loss Pro

We have already seen a device named 'Find My Phone' and with this one adding Pro on the end you might think that this is the same app but a premium-priced version. Well, it is not. In spite of the name similarity, this is a different app. Although, this does go to show you how these sorts of apps very much focus on name similarities. That said, Find My Phone - Anti loss Pro, does offer what the name suggests. This is another finding your phone app. However, in spite of this app offering the ability to find your phone when it is lost, it is definitely aimed at the other missing phone scenario - stolen phones. This app is pushed as your one stop shop to finding a stolen phone and as such a lot of the features are designed around finding your phone, when it is not in any of the locations you have been (unlike a lost phone). You can track your device by SMS, by GPS, you can call your device and have it continuously ring until it is found. Similarly, you have the option to wipe your device remotely, take images remotely and even be notified when the SIM has been changed

Whistle & Find - Phone Finder

In contrast to the last app, this find your phone app, is far friendlier and less dependent on paranoia than the others. As such this app literally focuses on finding your phone when you have lost it. Ever more so, when you have lost it in your local vicinity. As such Whistle & Find does exactly what you would expect. You have the ability to set what type of sound occurs once the lost function is prompted (song or ringtone etc). After this, you close the app and forget about it. Can't find your phone in the room you are in. Whistle. Short and sweet.

Family Locator

Family Locator is unlike the others apps on this list too, as the find my phone feature is not pushed as the main feature. That said, the feature is present and as such deserves its place on the list. However, what makes this app stand out from the rest is that it does offer a far more social element included. As well as being able to track your family member's devices, you can also actually chat with them through the app. In fact, you can socialize with any 'circle' you create (beit family, friends, work or otherwise). Once a circle is created, you can locate the other circle members, track them and chat with them, This is a rather heavily feature-laden app and the downside of this, is that the app is far more memory-heavy than the others. That said, it still weighs in at only 16MB.

SeekDroid: Find My Phone

SeekDroid is another popular option for those looking for a find my phone app and it honestly is a rather no frills offering. The app does exactly what you expect from a find my phone app including locating from a companion online website and the ability to remotely wipe and lock your device. However, in comparison to the other apps, this one does come with a quite an extensive settings list. As such, if you are one who likes to tinker and click through options then this might be the app to try.

Android Device Manager

Of all the find my phones apps on this list, this is the one that offers the least features and service. This is as bog standard as a find my phone app can be. It does offer the ability to find your phone. It does offer the ability to reset your device and screen lock PIN. It does offer the ability to erase your phone. And that is it. So why buy it? Why is it on the list? Well, that's simple. This one is brought to you by Google. Enough said.

Find My Phone (Android Wear)

This app won't be for everyone but nowadays it seems impossible not to include an app like this. As the name suggests this is a Wear based find my phone app and as such offers users the ability to find their phone using their Wear device. As well the standard features you would expect, like your phone sounded until it is found, the real interesting feature is this app looks to make sure you never lose your phone in the first place. The app can be preset so that once your Wear device goes out of radius of your phone, you are notified. Want an app that will help you find your phone? Maybe you should be thinking about an app that will stop you ever losing your phone in the first place.

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