Featured Review: Mamoru Tempered Glass Screen Protector For Sony Xperia Z3

Some of today's more current top tier flagship devices are really beautiful pieces of hardware. They harbor great displays that are visually stunning and it's only natural to want to protect those screens for as long as possible and attempt to keep them looking nice and new. There are no shortages of how you can do this from cases with slightly raised edges that wrap around the very edge of the display keeping it just raised enough from touching the ground if it falls flat face down, to cases with built in screen overlays, and even screen protectors themselves. Being the recent new owner of a Sony Xperia Z3, I'm in love with the display and was happy and lucky to receive a tempered glass screen protector from the team at Mugen to review, along with a Mugen power battery case.(which there will be a review on later in the future)

Let me just start this review with saying that I normally don't care for screen protectors. They usually look terrible and they always end up getting dust and other small particles stuck under them, which ends up resulting in some of the adhesive lifting and causing a gunky residue to pile up at the edge where the screen protector normally sticks, but no longer does. I received this tempered glass screen protector from Mugen around a week ago, and after pulling it out of the package I immediately realized that it didn't look or feel like a screen protector that I'm used to, and some of the doubt of using a screen protector began to melt away. I didn't want to take away from any of the screen's beauty but I felt compelled to have some sort of protection on it. So, I applied the Mamoru screen protector and proceeded to use it for the remainder of the week.

Application of the Mamoru screen protector was simple and although not quick for myself because I had some freak of nature amount of dust continuing to land on my display during the installation process, I eventually got it completely cleaned and wiped down and was able to get it applied evenly and perfectly. Inside the package was the screen protector itself, an alcohol pad for cleaning up the display and getting it free of any smudges and grime(should there be any)and then a micro fiber cloth for drying it off and getting it all nice and polished up looking new. After getting everything wiped down with the alcohol pad and micro fiber cloth, all that was left was to line up the tempered glass on the display. There was also no using a little piece of cardboard or a credit card to smooth out bubbles like you usually see come with other screen protectors, all i had to do was line up the tempered glass and let it sit gently on top of the screen, and give it a small tap anywhere on the tempered glass and it just applied itself.

The screen protector is made up of a few different layers, with the special coating on top, then the layer of tempered glass, a layer of explosion-proof film, a silicone coating, and then finally the releasing PET film. Unlike other screen protectors I have used, the Mugen Mamoru tempered glass screen protector didn't lessen the sensitivity of my screen at all, and it does a pretty good job at keeping finger prints less visible. I also now don't have to worry about getting scratches on the actual glass of my display and the tempered glass is said to be able to protect it from any sort of cracking damage that would have befallen my actual screen in the event of a drop. I have dropped it once since applying the Mamoru screen, and there was no visible scratches that I could see. In short, if you're considering a screen protector of any sort, I recommend going with something like Mugen's mamoru tempered glass screen protectors. They look great and they do a wonderful job of a simple task, protection.

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