Even Xiaomi Designers Think MIUI Resembles iOS Way Too Much

Xiaomi is doing great as far as smartphone sales go. The company is selling tons of their devices and will cross the 60 million mark this year, which is astonishing considering they sold "only" 19 million devices in 2013. Xiaomi actually plans to sell over 100 million devices in 2015, so that would be interesting to see, but it's actually really possible considering all the planned expansions and what not. Either way, this way an extremely interesting and exciting year for Xiaomi and it remains to be seen if they can have yet another extremely successful year and sell as many devices as they planned.

We're not here to talk about Xiaomi sales though, but something else. It's not exactly a secret that Xiaomi is Apple-inspired, you'll notice that the second you take a look at their handsets and / or Android IU (MIUI). That doesn't have to be a bad thing though, Xiaomi makes great devices and many people seem to like their software offering. Latest report from China claims that even MIUI designers think that MIUI is Apple-inspired, though that might change to some extent in the future. Considering Xiaomi's expansion plans and the possible lawsuits the company will face if they leave the Asian market and start doing business elsewhere, might force the company to alter the design of their Android skin, perhaps even the design of their upcoming Mi5 flagship. There's nothing wrong with MIUI or Mi5, but Apple will almost surely sue the company when they launch their products in certain markets, though Apple is not the only one, other companies might do the same for the violation of patents.

I always see similarities in design, whether we're talking about smartphone design or software design, it's hard to design something completely different, products will always resemble something, though the fact that even the MIUI designer think MIUI is way too similar to iOS is somewhat concerning I guess. It remains to be seen if Xiaomi will re-design MIUI and if they'll go a different path with Mi5's design. What do you think, do you think Xiaomi is just a copycat or do you think they should keep doing what they've been doing thus far?

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