Electronic Arts Launches Casual Game Peggle Blast Onto The Play Store

December 2, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

This has nothing really to do with Android gaming, but as a long-time World of Warcraft player, I got my first taste of Peggle as one of the in-game add-ons you could apply. It was great. Peggle is a fun and addicting little game and it made the waiting periods of flight between locations across the world map that much easier to endure. I didn’t have to tab out to a new window and browse the web or scour YouTube for a hilarious video to fill my time. I could simply open up the Peggle add-on and play a “mini-game” of sorts until I reached my destination.

Now, Peggle is landing in the hands of mobile gamers on the Android platform, as EA has just launched Peggle Blast onto the Play Store for all to love. Yes there are IAP’s, this is almost a given with most free games. And before you berate me and answer back with statements about which games don’t offer IAP’s, remember that we’re not talking about a small number of specific games here, we’re talking about the majority, and whether we like it or not, the majority of free games offer IAP’s since they’re a source of revenue to bring us awesome games that cost nothing to the consumer. Moving on, Peggle Blast looks to include all of the fun you might remember from your past Peggle experiences, but in a handheld format and with updated new looks.

If you’ve never played Peggle before, playing Peggle Blast should feel new and exciting and it’s a fairly easy game to get into. It also isn’t that hard to play. The controls are simple and inviting, and the challenge of launching the little metal ball at all the orange and blue colored pegs will delight any casual gamer. While this is a Peggle game at heart, there are some new additions in Peggle Blast that you wouldn’t find in the original Peggle, like the ability to use special powers or boosts if you will, from the Peggle Masters like “Jimmy Lightning’s nuttarific multiball,” aimed at helping you reach untold legendary scores. Trust me when I say that Peggle Blast is fun. It’s easy to pick up and you will enjoy yourself. With that being said, you just have to get over the mindblock of that “in-app purchases bad, free good” mentality that tells you to stay away for fear of being required to pay for in game items using real currency.