CyanogenMod 12 (CM12) Might Be Delayed For Older Devices Due To Issues With PIE Feature

CyanogenMod Logo AH 1

Cyanogen have been in the news a lot over the last couple of months. This is a partly because of their now turbulent relationship with Chinese startup, OnePlus. The two started their relationship some time ago with the launch of the OnePlus One, which came with killer hardware and the commercial version of CyanogenOS running as the main operating system. Since then, the relationship has reportedly become quite strained. That said, CyanogenOS is only half of the Cyanogen story. As well as their increasingly growing commercial version, the developers still highly support their more community-based open-source operating system, CyanogenMod. In contrast to CyanogenOS which is only available for a limited number of devices, CyanogenMod is available to a much larger number of devices. This is due to the number of unofficial (as well as official) variants on offer.

As such, the upcoming new version of CyanogenMod which is dubbed CM12, is quite highly awaited. This is because CM12 is essentially CyanogenMod’s take on Android 5.0 (Lollipop). The new android OS, Lollipop, is big business everywhere and when you throw CyanogenMod into the mix, you end up with a highly awaited operating system. Up until now, the progress of CM12 has been moving along nicely. There are already a number of nightlie (experimental) versions of CM12 available to download and it is expected stable versions will be available soon enough. That said, the latest news emerging about CM12 is that it might not be as widely available as we first thought.

According to a discussion thread (source link below) on the CM12 code review site, it seems there is some issues with implementing CM12 on older devices. Part of the reason being given is that the PIE feature is affecting the running of CM12. It is thought that the security features underlying CM12 and the PIE feature are conflicting and especially on older Samsung devices. It seems the Samsung Galaxy S2 was specifically name-dropped. If this problem is not fixed in the short term then it could mean many older devices might see a significant delay in when CM12 will be available to them. It is even possible that it might not become available at all. Although, at the moment, it is rather early to assume this. Either way though, the recent news suggests that CM12 on certain older devices might be significantly delayed. Do you own an older device? A Samsung Galaxy S2? What do you think of the latest news about PIE on CM12 possible slowing down a CM12 roll out for your device? Let us know.