When It Comes To Faster Data, Verizon Comes Out On Top With Fastest Max Download Speed Overall


If there's one thing we want when it comes to our cell phone service and our smartphone user experience as a majority, it's speed. Most things today move at a rapid fast pace, and those of us involved with things moving that quickly tend to expect nearly everything we interact with to move along at that pace with us. That isn't the case though for everything. Fortunately with our mobile data it is. Most wireless carriers are offering decent data speeds through their network now, with the major carriers here in the U.S. pumping out download and upload speeds with some fantastic speeds. While speed isn't everything to everybody, it can be the deciding factor for some consumers when choosing who to subscribe to for their wireless service needs. If you're wondering just who has the fastest average for max download speeds across the country, Root Metrics has taken care of all that information for us.

According to their recent test and analytics, Verizon Wireless has the fastest max download speed overall at about 57.21mbps, with T-Mobile coming in second having speeds of 42.63Mbps, AT&T third having speeds of 42.39Mbps, and Sprint coming in last having speeds of 22.23Mbps. Root Metrics gathered this data by splitting up the U.S. into eight regions, and testing the speeds from each major wireless carrier in each one. Although T-Mobile comes in second behind Verizon overall, they beat Verizon out in the area of the U.S. with the fastest measured max download speeds which was in New England.

It's important to note that while Root Metrics did measure the max download speeds in a wide variety of areas across the U.S., speeds experienced by some customers in certain locations could be faster than what's reported here. With that being said, overall it seems like Verizon Wireless would offer the fastest speeds on average, and with T-Mobile coming second that isn't too bad at all considering they've been thought of having the slowest speeds in the industry some five years ago. You can find the full list of numbers and the report done by Root Metrics at the source.

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