Coffee Messenger For Android Wear Lets You Text Without Talking

One of the absolute best things about Android Wear is the ability to easily and quickly dictate responses to many situations. For instance, if you receive an email you can reply from your watch and speak your entire reply, or if you want to quickly respond to a text message you can just do it with your voice. This is most convenient when doing other tasks that require both your attention and your hands, like driving for instance, but isn't always great in every situation. Sometimes you want to quickly reply with your watch but really don't want to be speaking to it during a quiet situation, like at the office or church. Or maybe you're in a super loud and busy situation like a crowded shopping center or a concert and the device really can't hear you very well. It's times like these when you need quick, easy responses or ways to talk to your contacts without taking out your phone or talking, and Coffee Messenger is here to help.

Coffee Messenger is an SMS replacement for your current solution, but only for your Android Wear device. Once you install Coffee Messenger you just disable the notifications from your SMS app and Coffee handles it instead. This gives you the option to both dictate like you're already used to, as well as having hundreds of customizable and easy to find replies in Coffee's slick interface. Launching Coffee is easy too; besides being able to reply to a message when you receive it you can start a new message with just a flick of the wrist which launches the Coffee Messenger app on your watch. From here you select a contact to message, a type of message, then a situation such as driving or eating and then you select from the list of static or customizable messages.

Customizable messages are in red and have another quick menu to dial down through once selected. This gives you virtually any situation and scenario to send a quick message about and keeps you from having to talk to the watch or fumble around with your phone when you don't want to.  You can even customize the contacts on the home page to list only the ones you frequently talk to so that the face isn't cluttered. Best of all it's completely free, so hit up the Google Play Store link below and give it a shot for yourself!  You literally have nothing to lose and plenty to gain.

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