Chromecast App Updated Offering Casting From All Devices And Material Design UI

December 10, 2014 - Written By John Anon

It has been a great day for Google fans so far as the news and updates are coming thick and fast. We have already seen a number of updates, announcements and other things Google related landing and it does not seem to be over just yet. The next item on today’s Google agenda and getting an update is Google’s very own Chromecast app. If you are on the current version (1.8.22) then this update will bring you up to version 1.9.6. So what’s new? Well, I am glad you asked as there are a couple of things worth pointing out.

First up, the app has undergone what looks to be a significant UI update. Now, the app looks even prettier then it did before and far more in-line with the now norm Material Design guidelines. Which in reality is never a bad thing. You can check out how it looks in the images below. The next major aspect to note is that now it seems the variance of devices compatible with casting has been greatly improved. After the update, you can cast to your big screen using any android device as long as it is running Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) as a minimum. It is worth noting though, that although all devices are now supported you might find the level and speed of streaming for devices which are not ‘optimized’ varying a little. That said, you can now taste the goodness of casting on those devices you could not before. Other than this, as expected there will be the typical bug fixes and minor improvements.

The update does not seem to have hit the Google Play Store just yet but if you cannot wait then we have mirrored the app for you. As usual, this is a signed by Google app and as such you should not be too concerned about downloading and sideloading. If you do want to give it a spin and check out that new Material Design UI then click here to begin the download. Once you have checked it out, make sure to leave a comment letting us know what you think. Don’t forget, if you don’t already have a Chromecast, you can still pick it up through Amazon and get $20 in Play Store credits when you buy between now and December 21st.