Chinese Manufacturers This Year Will Account For 40% Of Worldwide Shipments


For the avid android readers out there, it might not be breaking news that China is producing a lot of devices. Although, most devices regardless of manufacturer emigrate from China, what we are talking about now is the homegrown Chinese manufacturers. Over the last year, Chinese OEMs have grown and grown and grown. Barely a day passes where we do not hear of another impressive statistic emerging from these guys and today is no different. A recent study by Taiwanese researchers, TrendForce suggests by the end of 2014 Chinese OEMs will account for over 450 million units (that's devices) shipped. This is a 50% increase year-on-year. What's even more impressive, is that by the end of 2014 it will account for 38.6% of the total worldwide shipping of smartphones.

We have covered consistently how South Korean tech giant, Samsung, are the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Most of you will also probably know that Apple is right behind Smasung in second place. However, 2014 has seen the Chinese OEMs growing significantly. In particular Xiaomi have grown from strength to strength and are now credited with being the world's third largest smartphone manufacturer. That said, it is not all Xiaomi that is pushing this Chinese drive. Lenovo and Huawei are also massive manufacturers now and all three are expecting to ship in excess of 60 million devices each this year. More ambitiously, all three seem set on improving their currents status and believe they will be able to ship somewhere in the region of 100 million devices (each) in 2015.


That said, 2015 will have its issues. One of the reasons there has been such massive growth this year, is due to the "Surging Chinese consumer demand" for smartphones. TrendForce also suggests that this will deflate slightly next year as the economy slows. In spite of this, the predicted output for the combined Chinese OEMs is still expected to be in the region of 530-540 million units shipped. So although slowing, will still be the most aggressively growing region in the world. In fact, the expectation is that the Chinese OEMs will account for over 40% of the worldwide smartphones market by the end of 2015. To add to this, the TrendForce report also suggests that this growth could total as much as 50% of the worldwide smartphone shipped by 2016. Impressive stuff.

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