Carl Zeiss VR One On Sale Today But Not As Compatible As First Thought


2014 has been a great year for tech. Besides the now norm smartphone and tablet markets, we have also been introduced to the newly dubbed wearables and 'other' smart markets. Not to mention we have interesting things already expected in 2015 with Android Auto and Android TV. That said, one of the interesting 'other' markets is an extension of wearables, albeit not a very comfortable wearing experience. These are the Virtual Reality (VR) units. So far this year, all the talk of VR has been (generally speaking) in Samsung's direction. The South Korean giant have unveiled their Samsung Gear VR and so far the jury seems to be well and truly out on whether we like it or not. The unit seems interesting and there seems to be enough demand for VR unit. However, in Samsung's case the price seems a little high and not to mention the device is currently only compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Such limited compatibility is never a good thing or warmly welcomed.

Well, that opened the market to other manufacturers to find their selling points for similar VR units. One of those that we have heard a decent amount of information on is Carl Zeiss's VR unit, dubbed the VR One. Besides the various tech aspects of the VR One, the two big selling points were its $99 price tag (half of that of the expected Gear VR) and its more open nature compatibility with smartphones. Unlike the Gear VR, the VR One is expected to be far more compatible with a number of devices. Well, it now seems the VR One might be far less accommodating to smartphones than we previously thought. Although the intention is to make the VR One more varied in its compatibility, it seems at launch this will not be the case. In fact, it is believed the only compatible android device with the VR One (at the moment) will be the Samsung Galaxy S5.


The reason for this limited compatibility is the VR One's use of 'custom trays'. It is these trays that make the unit compatible with devices and by swapping out trays the unit will be able to house different sized devices. However, at present the only trays available for the VR One are for the S5 and the iPhone 6. It is expected that Carl Zeiss will be increasing the range of trays available. However, again this seems as though it might be slow-moving and its hard to say when any particular device will gain support. If you do want to grab one of the Carl Zeiss VR units though, then the unit is now available to order. Shipping is due to commence on December 8th (Monday). So if you know anyone with an S5 and still need to get them a present, then here you go. For all other devices, there is always Google Cardboard.

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