Boost Mobile Wallet and Sprint Money Express Apps Receive eGift Card Functionality

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So everyone loves the festive season and all that it brings. For some people, it’s the turkey, for others it’s being able to spend time with their loved ones. For some though, it’s the opportunity to shop til they drop. If you aren’t sure what presents to buy this Christmas, Sprint and Boost Mobile are now allowing consumers to send eGift cards to family and friends directly from the Sprint Money Express and Boost mobile Wallet apps.

Both the Sprint Money Express and Boost Mobile Wallet payment options are powered by Wipit, and have corresponding applications in the Play Store that will allow consumers to get quicker access to cash, receive money faster thanks to direct deposit, or even make payments to more than 3,500 billers. No credit check is required, and consumers can also make payments via a prepaid Visa or Mastercard. Users will also be able to send money overseas and transfer money to other accounts or users. All without having to pay monthly fees. Consumers will be able to purchase prepaid eGift cards to their friends and family right from the Sprint Money Express and Boost Mobile Wallet applications. So if you are among the 60% of Americans who plan on buying a gift card for a loved one (or even an in-law) this festive season, this could be an elegant way of shopping for you.

Kevin McGinnis, the Vice President of Pinsight Media+ which is a division of Sprint said that “The addition of eGift cards to these two applications makes them even more robust and now takes care of even more of our customers financial and everyday needs” and that “Customers that use these apps are saving money, paying their bills, transferring funds, and can now use their extra cash stored in the apps to easily send their family of friends a gift”.

Besides purchasing the eGift cards from the apps, you can also buy them from Amazon, Babies R Us and JC Penney with more retailers being added over time. Once the eGift card has been purchased, it will be sent electronically to the chosen recipient along with a personalized message from the buyer. If you already have the apps installed on your device, eGift card functionality will be added via an update. But if you haven’t already downloaded the relevant application, the Sprint Money Express and Boost Mobile Wallet apps can be downloaded by clicking the links below. The apps are also available on iOS.

Sprint Money Express
Boost Mobile Wallet