How To Block Certain Notifications From Your Android Wear Smartwatch

Android Wear's main purpose is to show users their notifications at a glance but sometimes there are certain notifications that you just don't want to pop-up on your watch. Google took this into account when they created Android Wear. Since Android Wear launched, users have been able to select certain apps that they did not desire to receive notifications from on their watch but the only way to do this was from the Android Wear companion app on your smartphone.

Fortunately, with the release of Android 5.0.1 for Android Wear devices, blocking notifications from certain apps is much quicker and simpler. Not only is the process quicker and simpler but it is also done right from the watch itself. Now, when you want to block notifications from a certain app, all you have to do is this. When you get a notification, simply scroll all the way to the left in that notifications options and you will see a "Block app" option. Tap this and you will no longer receive notifications from the app that sent you that particular notification. And don't worry, once you click the "Block app" button it will make you confirm your decision before blocking the app.

You are still able to go into the Android Wear companion app on your smartphone and block notifications from certain apps like you could before but this way is just much easier if you are looking to just block an app or two. Also, if you ever accidentally block an apps notifications or decide to change your mind about having a certain app blocked, you can easily unblock apps. To do so you just need to head over to the Android Wear companion app and tap on the Settings gear located in the top right of the app. From there click "Block app notifications" and you will be taken to all a list of all of your blocked apps. You can then unblock whatever apps you want to receive notifications from again. It's all very simple and you should have no problems blocking or unblocking app notifications on your Android Wear device after reading this little how-to. But if you are still struggling or just can't seem to figure something out then leave us a comment below and we will attempt to help you with whatever we can.

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