AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Receiving Android 4.4.4 OTA Update Once Again

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 device and especially if you are on AT&T then you might remember some news that broke last month. It all began in the third week of November when AT&T started to push an OTA update to the Note 3. This was bringing the Samsung device up from Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) to Android 4.4.4 (KitKat). All well and good, right? Well, no. Soon after the update began to land, the update was pulled back again. This was because an interesting bug started to be noticed. Now, 'interesting' is probably not the right word to use as this was a significant problem bug.

For those that did not hear about the bug, it seemed that the AT&T Phonebook sync app, dubbed 'AT&T Address Book' started deleting contacts from the user's phone. Nice huh! Now it was not explained as to why this was occurring, but nevertheless, it did seem to be happening. As such, they pulled back the update and advised owners of the situation and that once the fix was found, the update would be re-released. Well today is that day, ladies and gentlemen. The latest news is that once again the AT&T OTA update is rolling out to the Note 3 and bringing it once more back up to Android 4.4.4. At the moment, there is no news on whether the update is safely landing, but it is presumed (and hoped) that the fix has been finally fixed.

Although, the news of the update will be preoccupied with the previous bug, it is worth noting that as well as bringing the Note 3 up to Android 4.4.4, there are a couple of additional features provided. None of these are huge features but worth knowing of anyway. These include additional apps collective known as the 'Galaxy Note 3 Value Pack'. These apps consist of 'Kids Mode', 'Slide Sync 3.0', 'Safety Assistance', 'Virtual Tour'. Along with these apps, Knox 2.0 is also landing on the device. If you have not received the update yet, then don't worry. As always, this is a staged roll-out and that means it will hit users rather randomly over the next few days. If you have received the update already, then how is it? Any problems noted? Let us know.

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